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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hind

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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -5. Last Age of the Cycle of Ages is KAL YUG or the Iron Age known as the Dark Age for its lack of all the three religious qualities truth, contentment and mercy remaining only the basic quantity "shame or Salt of the earth" i.e. people with conscience, SHARM or ZAMEER. Thus, most of the people in the Dark Age have conscience but quite a good number of them, mostly in the Mammon rich countries especially in the East, are liars, greedy and cruel. That is why there had been so many unjust wars to plunder the weaker nations and the courts, especially in India, are full of the petty baseless cases in which the righteous people suffer at the hands of merciless cheats or "MUNNMUKH" persons, who are mostly "shameless" people with no "conscience" at all.

In the Dark Age, the greedy Pandits dominate. They become inefficient in preserving the law and order for they themselves become crook hypocrites ignorant of the Spirit of God or His Word. So, without the sensible (SURTIVAAN) Pandits, the visual aids i.e., the statues of demiurge gods and goddesses, could not play their usual roles effectively. Therefore, we can say that where into the hell the blind guides went, there also went their dead statues of gods and goddesses i.e. the dead stones cannot speak of their own unless their living in spirit worshippers make them to do so e.g. BHAGAT RAVI DASS JI, BHAGAT MIRAN BAI, BHAGAT DHANNA, etc.

Under such circumstances of utter Darkness, then appears among the people the most high SATGURU or the "CHRIST" to Preach, and not to teach, the Living Gospel of the most high Living God (RAM), the very source of BRAHMA and, therefore, also called "PAAR-BRAHM" (higher than BRAHMA) - "SABH TAE WADDA SATGURU NANAK JIN KAL RAKHI MAERI" i.e. of all the GURUS (mother, father and Pandit) SATGURU NANAK is the most High whose Preaching preserved my honour (PATT) in this Dark Age. Lastly, as BRAHMA uttered VEDAS uttered by RISHIS and MUNIS, the sages, so PAAR-BRAHM uttered The Gospel, AD-GRANTH SAHIB through SATGURU NANAK DEVJI and His Five Mantels. Therefore, AD-GRANTH and NEW TESTAMENT are The Holy Books of this Dark Age as VEDAS and Torah used to be of the past TRETA and DOAAPAR Ages when the Pandits/Rabbis preserved the Light of VISHNU.

Now, The AD-GRANTH is for the sensible people of "spirit" (SURTI). Therefore, it is essential for the people to first subdue their ego (HAUMAE) of flesh before they would become sensible enough to understand the Gospel i.e. the people should be twice-born (DAWEEJA) and not carry on boasting of their parental or tribal "seed" or JAATI in the manners of once-born (IKEEJA) people. The people should be capable of putting their tribal "seed" under the soil i.e. become humble, to become a living plant capable of receiving the living Pollen of Gospel for the sake of bearing "Fruit". Thus, the identity of "seed" in the plant does not vanish but changes from "explicit" to "implicit". This is termed "living in the spirit of God" but dead in the ego of "flesh in Adam" or simply the "living dead".

About the twice-born people, SATGURU NANAK DEVJI said, "DHANN SAE KAHIYAE NANAKA JO JIWAT MIRTAK HOAE" i.e. fortunate are those people who are living in "spirit" but dead in the "ego" of flesh. And BHAGAT KABIR JI said, "KABIR JIS MARNAE TAE JAGG DARE MERAE MUNN ANAND; MARNAE HI TAE PAEAE POORAN PARMANAND", i.e. St.Kabir says, "The people are frightened of their death in "ego" but I have found in it a Perfect bliss in spirit". Thus, the Saints kept their tribal identity "implicit" and used it for their tribal identification only. No Bhagat concealed his tribal identity.

In a nutshell, one is born into a family not out of one's own free-will or accord but that of the Will of God and if that very first Will of God (RAZZA) is not acceptable to a person, then God does not want to know such persons. The rites of HAJJ are for establishing this very First Will of God. KEH ISLAMA, EEMAN HATH NOT ENTERED YOUR HEART YET.

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