Coline Serreau 10. Planeta Libre/la Belle Verte-Es

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Of course, no movie is without it's flaws. The concept of questioning authority, as portrayed when Mila innocently questions the doctor's judgment, was clearly an error on the Coline Serreau's part. We should all listen to authorities when they talk about the edicts of the star races, for clearly we are unworthy of such communication on our own, and must rely on the illumined to shed the divine light on our unclean souls.

Another mild flaw in the development of the storyline was when Mila's two sons came to Earth to meet the doctor's two daughters. Clearly one should not mix the pure star race blood with that of any tainted animal blood such as Earthlings, or your whole planet may end up having epileptic seizures while telepathically playing Chubby Checker on compact disc.

But overall, this is a gem of a movie. You will laugh, you will cry, you will want to shoot your brains out... it's THAT exciting! So keep looking to the stars, and looking forward to your breathtaking experiences in the 5D reality of sitting in the fields listening to nothing, waiting hours to use the swing and toiling endlessly in the fields in a vain attempt to feed your people for the rest of eternity.

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