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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -10. COMPATIBILITY OF THE FOUR COMMUNITIES:- Now, none of the four communities of religion is compatible with its neighbouring communities. Thus, the Hindus learn the secular moral laws pertaining to "flesh" that are based upon the animal instincts of "Tit-for-Tat" e.g. the story of Shri Ram Chander Ji and King Ravan of Lanka, whereas the Spiritual Principles pertaining to soul are based upon the Love and Service in which you present the other cheek to hit the conscience of the person.

Further, whatever applies to flesh, the opposite applies to soul e.g. in the secular world everyone has his own parents whilst in the spiritual world, we all have One Parent, Father God and Mother Holy Spirit - Two in One; identity (JAATI) of the flesh is through "birth" (JANAM), a quantity whereas of the soul is through "deeds" (KARAM), the qualities. Therefore, the first Hindu community of KARAM MARAG, works, is not compatible with the second Sikh community of BHAGTI MARAG, grace. Similarly, the second community of BHAGTI MARAG is not compatible with the third Khalsa community of SHAKTI MARAG e.g. Bhai Ghaniyia Ji of the BHAGTI MARAG confused most of the Khalsas of the SHAKTI MARAG. This point will become clear on scrutinizing the "frontal marks" of the worshippers of BRAHMA, VISHNU and SHIV which are at cross with each other:
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The frontal markings of SHIV have the third eye of VISHNU in line with the markings of VISHNU meaning that the destructive work of SHIV is done in the light of VISHNU.

In the same way, the Khalsas during performing their duties of SHAKTI MARAG do so keeping in mind the knowledge of BHAGTI MARAG or the Gospel i.e. a Khalsa should first learn to "love and serve" people before taking on arms to kill the Turkus and their fanatic supporters. The third and the fourth communities are not compatible in that the Apostles are to ply the loving double-edged Sword (KHANDA) of Gospel (NAAM) whilst the Khalsas are to ply the frightening sword (KIRPAAN) of "steel".

Further, the Hindus fight for their King (BAADSHAH) and are paid in Mammon for the services they render whilst the Khalsas fight for their Royal King (SACHAE PAATSHAH) GOBIND SINGH JI and are not paid in material but in spiritual wealth, the Salvation.

Similarly, the BHAGATS of the second Sikh community and the NIRMALLAE SANTS of the fourth Apostolic community share the common goal of studying and expounding the Gospel respectively except that the Sikhs are secular householders whilst the NIRMALLAE SANTS are not the householders.

Thus, both the Hindus and the Sikhs are householders (secular) whilst both the Khalsas and the NIRMALLAE SANTS are not householders (spiritual).

It is for the compatibility or common goal of the Sikhs and the NIRMALLAE SANTS that the two Holiest of Holy places in the world are situated within the same complex. This is further stressed in the Saying, "HAR JAPAE HAR MANDIR SAJAEA; SANT BHAGAT GUNN GAWAE RAM JEO" i.e. HARMANDIR SAHIB has been established for the NIRMALLAE SANTS and the Sikh BHAGATS to sing the praises of God (RAM).

And, it was for the non-compatibility of the BHAGTI and the SHAKTI MARAGS that the Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI never visited the HARMANDIR SAHIB complex.

Further, if you understand why the "QURAAN" is called a "KETAEB" (an odd book), then the present situation in which the so-called Sikhs carry swords into the Gurudwaras is similarly odd, which is amply reflected in the odd ARDAAS, the Sikh prayer.

Finally, the seniority of the communities is in the same order as their numbers and the VARNS. Thus, the Labourers or Sikhs of Satguru Nanak Devji are superior to the Hindus, Khalsas are superior to the Sikhs and the NIRMALLAE SANTS are superior to the Khalsas. Therefore, if the NIRMALLAE SANTS find that a particular Gurudwara is being exploited by a MUNN MUKH MAHANT (bishop), then they can order the Khalsas to sort the matter up as their Royal King Gobind Singh Ji did lead His Khalsas to kill the corrupt MAHANTS and, therefore, on such occasions the Khalsas could enter a Gurudwara.

At present, the HARMANDIR SAHIB and the other Gurudwaras are being exploited beyond limits, and, therefore, the TATT Khalsas should consult the NIRMALLAE SANTS for getting them purged off the MUNN MUKH MAHANTS (greedy Bishops and their Priests).

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