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Aztec Crash 1948 Part Two Final

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A very good description of the Aztec crash 1948 and the recovery of alien bodies.Professor Robert Carr speaks quite openly and frank about the dismemberment and autopsy.It was Professor Carr who sent shock waves through the Pentagon and the Air Force on October 14th, when he accused the Air Force of not telling the truth about Flying Saucers. At a news conference in Tampa, Florida, Professor Carr said he had information that the Air Force had two flying saucers and the bodies of twelve spacemen on ice in a refrigerated building at Wright Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio.

At the Flying Saucer symposium Professor Carr talked for an hour about what he calls the "worst kept secret in the world." The discovery in February, 1948 of two flying saucers in north western New Mexico, near the town of Aztec.Highly recommended listening.

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