Hollywood's Greatest Cover-Up

  • Uploaded by Maceddy on Sep 28, 2008
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Conspiracies of a Hollywood type. Thirty-two years after they made their last film together, Jeanette MacDonald died. Supposedly a casual friend and co-star Nelson Eddy is interviewed that night by an eager press - hoping he will slip up and confirm or deny the gossip that followed them for years about a secret love affair. Instead, Eddy turns bitter and doesn't know what to say for "public consumption" - then breaks down. Read their story at http://www.maceddy.com/sweethearts_excerpts.html, or buy the controversial biography at http://tinyurl.com/sweethearts-book. Even if you are too young to know about their films - ask a parent or grandparent who remembers their heydey and pose the question: Do you think they hated each other or loved each other off-screen? The answer may surprise you!

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