Abraxas (mars discovery)

There is a basic symmetry/ geometry that DNA follows to replicate all life. This configuration I call Abraxas, I have also found, is a universal language of life. It is produces imagery and information that seems limitless and in fully understood by those who have been exposed to curtain drugs or have experienced and NDE (Near Death Experience), or, in curtain cases, claim to have some sort of otherworldly abduction experience, etc. ancient motifs around the world pay homeage to the Abraxas template and many puns within ancient documents have derived from the template. Even today, creative people access this language to produce just about everything humans have created around them. Today we can now produce this amazing, visual language with today's technology. The applications are so many and the impact it will have both in the market and society will be profound. I am writing an e-book that explain this new discovery that, I hope, will encourage interested scientist , computer programmers and CAD professionals to to join and help create a project to bring this ancient programming language of life to life for all to see visually with our own eyes.

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