Solar Eclipse Will Transform Sun into 'Ring of Fire' Next Week

20 hours ago - The sun will look like a ring of fire above some remote parts of the world next Tuesday (April 29) during a solar eclipse, but most people around the world won't get a chance to see it. Whereas lunar eclipses occur only when there's a full moon, and solar eclipses only ...

Habitable exoplanets are bad news for humanity

21 hours ago - Last week, scientists announced the discovery of Kepler-186f, a planet 492 light years away in the Cygnus constellation. Kepler-186f is special because it marks the first planet almost exactly the same size as Earth orbiting in the “habitable zone,” the distance from a star in ... 2

Scientists Speechless At What They Find Beneath Egypt

2 days ago - For many generations, it has been questioned and debated. Many long hours and much time has been spent pouring over the evidence, yet with no clear answers and no hard proof. However, today, more evidence keeps piling up that proves the ancients did have technology far beyond ... 16

The Truth About Long Hair

6 days ago - This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Vietnam War. Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic ... 8

Mars Missions Could Make Humanity a Multi-Planet Species, NASA Chief Says

21 hours ago - In order for humanity to survive into the distant future, we need to visit and learn how to survive on other worlds, according to NASA chief Charles Bolden. NASA is in the process of developing technologies that are expected to help humans get to Mars and beyond. Landing ... 1

Scientists discover plants that can learn and remember

1 day ago - New research from a team of scientists at the University of Western Australia will change the way you think about the difference between plants and animals. Mimosa pundica plants, they found, can learn and remember, despite not having a brain. Those active little fern-like things ... 2

US Navy to deploy combat dolphins for Black Sea military drills

1 day ago - American combat dolphins and sea lions will undergo a lengthy plane flight in order to participate in NATO war games in the Black Sea, a spokesman for the US Navy's marine mammals program reportedly said. Twenty dolphins and ten sea lions will take part in the drills, which ...

"Time Cloak" Created; Can Make Events Disappear

2 days ago - Einstein's theories of relativity suggest that gravity can cause time to slow down. Now scientists have demonstrated a way to stop time altogether—or at least, to give the appearance of time stopping by bending light to create a hole in time. The new research builds on recent ... 2

Pilot snaps UFO photo in Queensland

2 days ago - According to local newspaper Sunshine Coast Daily, the witness and his friends were admiring the sky at approximately 8:00 p.m. when they noticed two aerial lights. Based on their appearance and behavior, the pilot believed these lights were sky lanterns. But then a third light ...

Huge study links aspartame to major problems, sales drop

1 day ago - As concerns about health epidemics plague the nation, demand and sales of diet soda have plunged as consumers try to make better choices. As we reported yesterday, aspartame - the main sweetener for diet soda - is one of the most dangerous ingredients used in our food supply, causing ... 4

DNA nanobots can fool the immune system by disguising themselves as viruses

1 day ago - Sometimes to help the body, you have to fool the body, which is why researchers from Harvard's Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering modeled their latest DNA nanodevice after those great immune-system evaders, viruses. The whole project, outlined in a new paper ...

What the 1% Don't Want You to Know - Bill Moyers interviews Paul Krugman

14 hours ago - Economist Paul Krugman explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy - the very system our founders revolted against. The median pay for the top 100 highest-paid CEOs at America's publicly traded companies was a handsome $13.9 million in 2013. That's a 9 percent ...

Giant UFO Over Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

2 years ago - DBKP &#8211 Dying By 1000 Papercuts &#8211 DBKP The Throughout the world LEADER in Strange ~~~ News -Politics -Commentary -Bizarre News -Crime -Opinion -Entertainment -Scandals -Superstars -Conspiracies -Video clip At, iTunes, Barnes ...

Man-made flu virus with potential to wipe out many millions

2 years ago - A team of experts is pushing to publish investigation about how they produced a male-produced flu virus that could possibly wipe out civilisation. The lethal virus is a genetically tweaked edition of the H5N1 bird flu strain, but is way far more infectious and could pass ...

10 Modern Technological and Psychological Methods of Mind Control

1 year ago - The more one researches mind control, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the human race into non-thinking automatons.  For as long as man has pursued power over the masses, ... 1

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