Secrets of the Manhattan Project Leaked 1500 Times During World War II

4 days ago - The World War II program to develop an atomic bomb was the largest secret project ever undertaken by the U.S. government. But newly-declassified documents reveal how it hard it was to keep things secret as the weapon neared completion. Information leaks were everywhere, even in church ... 1

Researchers Replicate Crucial Step In Photosynthesis Which May Lead To Cheaper Hydrogen Fuels

4 days ago - An ANU team has successfully replicated one of the crucial steps in photosynthesis, opening the way for biological systems powered by sunlight which could manufacture hydrogen as a fuel. “Water is abundant and so is sunlight. It is an exciting prospect to use them to create ... 1

Revealed: The Type of Music That Makes You Feel Most Powerful

5 days ago - Music has already been shown to have all kinds of effects on the mind, like making you happier, reducing pain and bringing people together. Now a new study finds that music of the right kind can transform the listener’s sense of power. The study, published in the journal ... 1

Military claims responsibility for UFO in Nova Scotia

5 days ago - A couple spotted a UFO in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on Thursday, August 21. But the military came forward to claim responsibility for the bright aerial object. Witness Chris Ewing and his girlfriend were near Saint Margarets Bay on the night of Aug. 21 when they ...

Difference between psychopaths and anti-social people lies in brain activity

6 days ago - The difference between otherwise similar people with anti-social personality disorder (APD) and psychopaths is the way the latter's brain reacts when confronted with human emotion, a new study has found. Researchers at the University of Michigan, US, set out to uncover why both ... 1

'Alien thigh bone' on Mars: Excitement from alien hunters at 'evidence' of extraterrestrial life

6 days ago - More than two years into the Curiosity rover’s lonely trek across Mars, conspiracy theorists believe they’ve struck gold: an ‘alien thigh bone’ has been spotted on the surface of the red planet. For keen alien hunters, the image above - taken by the rover’s MastCam on ... 3

Atomic Clock Will Fly to Space Station in 2016

6 days ago - A new atomic clock is due for installation on the International Space Station in 2016, ushering in a new age of physics experiments probing the relationship between space and time. Called PHARAO (short for Projet d'Horloge Atomique par Refroidissement d'Atomes en Orbit), the ...

Martian Mystery: What Is Odd Cell-Like Structure in Mars Meteorite?

6 days ago - Scientists have found a strange structure resembling a microbial cell inside a Martian meteorite, but they're not claiming that it's evidence of Red Planet life. The researchers discovered the microscopic oval object within the Nakhla Mars meteorite, which fell to Earth in ...

Scientists Find Remnants of One of Universe's Oldest Stars

6 days ago - After digging around in the light from an old, orange star, astronomers have found possible remnants of one of the universe's first stars: a giant that may have been more than 140 times as massive as the sun. The finding, reported Thursday in the journal Science, marks the first ...

Google Aims to Archive All Human Knowledge

6 days ago - New research details emerging this week suggest that Google is after the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. According to an intriguing report in New Scientist, Google is building a next-generation information database called Knowledge Vault that’s designed to ... 2

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?

1 week ago - We walked the Avenue, the ancient route along which the stones were first dragged from the River Avon. For centuries, this was the formal path to the great henge, but now the only hint of its existence was an indentation or two in the tall grass. It was a fine English summer’s day, ... 1

15 newly discovered sites around Stonehenge suggest area was more active than previously thought

1 week ago - Humans have marvelled at the majesty of Stonehenge for thousands of years, but the famous landmark's original purpose has remained a mystery. Now, a new technique has revealed 15 previously unknown Neolithic monuments around the mysterious monument in Wiltshire. And one ... 1

Heres The Real Secret to Detecting Lies (And Its Not Body Language)

1 week ago - Despite all the advice about lie detection going around, study after study has found that it is very difficult to spot when someone is lying. Previous tests involving watching videos of suspects typically find that both experts and non-experts come in at around 50/50: in other ... 1

Space Travel Alliance to become the top European space travel company

1 week ago - Space Travel Alliance (STA) is a new Swedish venture aiming to make the dream of space discovery a reality to mankind with the vision to become the premier European space travel company. Operating from Spaceport Sweden, STA will offer commercial suborbital spaceflights for tourism, ... 1

This extreme Antarctic insect has the tiniest genome

1 week ago - The Antarctic midge is a simple insect: no wings, a slender black body and an adult life span of not much more than a week. So perhaps it's fitting the bug is now on record as the owner of the tiniest insect genome ever sequenced. At just 99 million base pairs of nucleotides ... 1

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