What's in your gut? Certain bacteria may influence susceptibility to infection

1 week ago - The specific composition of bacterial species in a person's gut may protect against or increase susceptibility to Campylobacter, the most common cause of human bacterial intestinal inflammation, according research published this week in mBio®, the online open-access journal of the ...

In space, astronauts' immune systems get totally confused

1 week ago - Can an astronaut survive a long-term spaceflight? With NASA looking ahead to missions on Mars and beyond, it's an important question - and one we haven't even come close to answering through practice. The longest space flight ever only lasted 437.7 days, and most astronauts have spent ...

Pope predicts: God will give me two or three more years

1 week ago - Pope Francis on Monday publicly broached the prospect of his own death for the first time, giving himself "two or three years" but not ruling out retirement before then. Talking to reporters on a flight back to the Vatican from South Korea, the 77-year-old pontiff, who seemed in ... 1

Incredible image shows ethereal object over the skies of London

2 weeks ago - This extraordinary photograph taken by a resident of the hitherto unremarkable Greater London borough - apart from being the birthplace of England football captains Bobby Moore and John Terry of course - was taken by a local resident. Mirjeta Binoke, 38, was in her back garden ... 3

Tiny 'Nanoflares' May Solve Sun Mystery

2 weeks ago - Small "nanoflares" erupting from the sun might be the key to unlocking a cosmic mystery, according to a new study. Scientists have found that the sun's outer atmosphere, or corona, can reach temperatures 1,000 times higher than those at the surface of the star, but solar ...

Where's the ice: 3 surprising comet facts we've already learned from Rosetta

2 weeks ago - Today, after 10 years of space travel, the Rosetta explorer became the first to orbit a comet. The best is yet to come - the scientists behind the satellite are preparing to land a harpoon-like probe on the surface this November. Yet new information is already pouring in. What ...

Who is this 'man' on the moon? 'Strange figure' spotted among satellite's craters

2 weeks ago - One Youtube user believes he has finally found proof of the mystical man on the moon. He claims to have made the incredible spot of an alien figure lurking in a deep crater from images on Google Moon. Wowforreel's video - which has been viewed more than two million times in ... 1

A vegetarian diet will make you sick and crazy

2 weeks ago - I have to admit, that was kind of fun. See, what I did with the headline for this post was to look at a couple of observational studies and jump to the kind of unsubstantiated cause-and-effect conclusions so beloved by media health writers - and particularly beloved by many vegetarian ... 3

Will CGI actors replace human ones?

2 weeks ago - Robin Wright is standing in the middle of a huge geodesic dome of LEDs and cameras, giving her very last performance. As she sobs bitterly, her every move and micro-expression is scanned. Later an artificial version of the actress will be created to take her place in all of her future ... 1

Mysterious objects spotted near International Space Station

2 weeks ago - Unidentified Flying Object or UFO never stops fascinating the world. And this time it has driven the UFO believers into a state of frenzy. Till date, there have been three videos taken recently from the orbit and they appeared to show mysterious objects which some people believe ...

The origins of hierarchy: How Egyptian pharaohs rose to power

2 weeks ago - The rulers of ancient Egypt lived in glorious opulence, decorating themselves with gold and perfumes and taking their treasures with them to the grave. But how could such a hierarchical, despotic system arise from egalitarian hunter-gatherer societies? The reasons were part ...

The Psychospiritual Electrochemical War on Humanity

2 weeks ago - Perhaps the best literal manifestation of our current induced containment and control system is the electro-chemical invasion of our atmosphere via the chemtrail program. Begun decades ago, our very breathing environment has been radically altered by massive dumping of electrically ...

Boulder Leaves Dotted Line Trail On Mars

2 weeks ago - A path from the upper left to middle right of this image is the track left by the boulder as it tumbled down a slope before coming to rest in an upright attitude at the downhill end of the track / NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona An irregularly shaped, oblong boulder careening ...

18 Ways To Know If You Are A Starseed

2 weeks ago - Like most self proclaimed psychics, I’m a little unusual. My whole life I’ve been a bit different, and have never really felt like I fit in, no matter where I was. I’ve lived in Sweden, the United States, and Hawai`i (yes, I know Hawai`i is part of the U.S.), and no matter ... 4

China to send orbiter to moon and back

2 weeks ago - China will launch its first recoverable moon orbiter later this year, the government announced, in the latest step in its ambitious space programme. The mission will be launched before the end of the year and will travel to the moon before returning to earth, the State ...

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