Is the Human Race Evolving to Have Three Strands of DNA?

1 week ago - Many scientists are challenging the idea that we humans have more than two or even three strands of DNA. Some even believe that we may have a total of 12 strands or more. DNA is the acronym used for deoxyribonucleic acid. It contains the codes that act like a blueprint, giving ... 2

"They started it": Why one Israeli is on the brink of burning her passport

1 week ago - She is young. She is pretty. She is a university graduate and a computer engineer. She is also an Israeli Parliamentarian - and the reason why I am on the brink of burning my Israeli passport. Because behind that wide-eyed innocent face lurks the Angel of Death. Ayelet Shaked ... 4

Japanese plant experts produce 10,000 lettuce heads a day in LED-lit indoor farm

1 week ago - Could this be the future of agriculture? A physiologist has turned a former semiconductor factory into one of the world’s largest indoor farm, cultivating lettuces with LED lights. At almost half the size of a football pitch, the farm, which opened in Japan in July, is ... 1

Whistleblower: NSA stores 80% of all phone calls, not just metadata - full audio

1 week ago - At least 80 percent of all audio calls are gathered and stored by the NSA, whistleblower William Binney has revealed. The former code-breaker says the spy agency’s ultimate aim is no less than total population control. The National Security Agency lies about what it stores, ...

NASA spacecraft observes further evidence of dry ice gullies on Mars

1 week ago - Repeated high-resolution observations made by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) indicate the gullies on Mars' surface are primarily formed by the seasonal freezing of carbon dioxide, not liquid water. The first reports of formative gullies on Mars in 2000 generated ...

More Big Whales in Ocean Could Mean More Fish, Scientists Find

1 week ago - Scientists and fisheries managers have long underestimated the valuable role large whales play in healthy ocean ecosystems, a new study suggests. And, scientists add, those commercial fishermen who complain that whales steal fish from their nets have it wrong. An increase in the ...

Silicon Valley man finds tracking device on his car, makes inquiries and gets visit from the FBI

1 week ago - Silicon Valley resident Yasir Afifi recently discovered an FBI tracking device on his car when he took it for an oil change. Alarmed and curious about what it might be, Yasir posted photos of the device online, asking members of reddit whether it was a bomb, or possibly an FBI ... 5

Supermoon makes its way over Earth this weekend

1 week ago - Americans with their eyes to the sky this weekend could get a chance to see Earth's moon as it rarely appears. Starting Friday evening, a so-called "supermoon" will be viewable across the United States. There will be a full moon in the sky starting Friday night and into early ...

Apollo 11 UFO encounter recounted by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

1 week ago - A few days ago on the Science Channel, a program called "First on the Moon: The Untold Story" was aired. About 14:30 min/sec into the program, there was a 3.5 minute segment that described a UFO encounter that Apollo 11 experienced during its flight to the moon. To the best of my ...

Steven Spielberg mercilessly trolled by Facebook users who think he killed a dinosaur

1 week ago - Steven Spielberg has been trolled by numerous Facebook users after a photo was shared of the director with a mechanical Triceratops on the set of 1993 film Jurassic Park. The image was posted on the Facebook page of Jay Branscomb as a joke, alongside the caption: ... 3

Scientists say 80 percent of light in space is missing

1 week ago - Scientists now believe that a tremendous amount of light that would otherwise be illuminating our universe is mysteriously absent. How much light exactly? According to new research conducted by a team of international scientists and funded in part by NASA, the National Science ... 1

Secretly Spying on the Moon

1 week ago - The late Ingo Swann was considered to be one of the U.S. Government’s leading Remote-Viewers, those near-unique individuals whose psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP) were harnessed, from the 1970s onwards, to spy on the former Soviet Union. Swann proved to be a ... 1

New study suggests plants can 'listen'

1 week ago - The aptly named mousear cress may respond to caterpillar munching sounds. Plants have long been known to react to changes in their environment, and may respond to light, temperature, and touch. But are they listening too? For the Arabidopsis plant, the answer is a loud and ... 1

Arecibo captures its first 'fast radio burst'

1 week ago - The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The Arecibo Observatory has captured one of the most fleeting, mysterious and rare deep-space events - a so-called "fast radio burst" (FRB) that lasted a mere three one-thousandths of a second. Cornell, McGill University and other astronomers ...

More Wikileaks Documents Surface Confirming The Existence Of ET & UFOs

1 week ago - Julian Assange has grabbed the attention of the entire planet, as both mainstream and alternative media networks have covered Wikileaks in depth. For those who don’t know, Wikileaks is an international, online, non-profit organization that publishes secret (classified) documents, ... 2

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