Could Giant Viruses Be the Origin of Life on Earth?

1 week ago - Chantal Abergel and Jean-Michel Claverie were used to finding strange viruses. The married virologists at Aix-Marseille University had made a career of it. But pithovirus, which they discovered in 2013 in a sample of Siberian dirt that had been frozen for more than 30,000 years, ...

'NSA in da house': German artist illuminates US Embassy

1 week ago - German artist Oliver Bienkowski showing an image of US President Barack Obama wearing a baseball cap and reading "NSA in da House" in Berlin on early July 19, 2014 German artist, Oliver Bienkowski made a point of criticizing the USA's surveillance program by projecting the words 'NSA ... 2

4 Simple Steps to Freedom

1 week ago - Once upon a time my mind was filled with negative talk and self-doubt. Those thoughts were so loud I could not hear my authentic, true self shine through. On a deeper level, I knew she existed, but I didn’t how to get to a place in which I could connect to her. I believed I ...

Scientists discover most distant stars ever detected in the halo of Milky Way galaxy

1 week ago - A team of astronomers using the Red Channel spectrograph at the MMT Observatory on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona has discovered the most distant Milky Way stars known to date - ULAS J001535.72+015549.6 and ULAS J074417.48+253233.0. These cool red giants are extremely far away, at distances of ...

Detailed Mars landscapes revealed on new map

1 week ago - Every experienced traveler knows never to leave home without a trusty map. Thanks to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), stargazers and future explorers now have the most detailed map of Mars ever made. The high-resolution map showcases in vivid color the planet's geologic ...

Holy Grail Stolen Or Was It?

1 week ago - The quest for the Holy Grail is on again in village of Weston-under-Penyard, Herefordshire, England after a wooden chalice believed by some to be the Grail was stolen from a woman’s house while she was in the hospital. Is the Nanteos Cup the Holy Grail? Most people refer to the ...

Did new dad capture ghost in photo taken at a UK hospital?

1 week ago - A spooky figure has been caught on camera in a deserted ward of the city's main hospital. David Deakin, 25, from Chapelfields, took this photo at University Hospital, in Walsgrave, at around 11.30pm on Tuesday - and reckons he's caught a ghostly figure. He insists he was alone in the ...

5000-year-old Cochno Stone carving may be revealed

1 week ago - A SET of mysterious, 5,000-year-old rock carvings could see the light of day again, after being buried 50 years ago to protect them from vandals. The Cochno Stone in West Dunbartonshire bears what is considered to be the finest example of Bronze Age “cup and ring” carvings in ... 1

Was flight MH-17 diverted over restricted airspace in East Ukraine and why?

1 week ago - While there are various questions that have already emerged from what was supposed to be Ukraine's "slam dunk" proof confirming Russian rebel involvement in today's MH-17 tragedy, perhaps one just as gaping question emerges when one looks at what is clearly an outlier flight path in ...

Close-Earth pass of 4 huge asteroids coming in August

2 weeks ago - Get ready for some huge asteroid whizzing action, because this summer we'll be witnessing 4 large space rocks passing by Earth. In August, kilometer-wide asteroids are slated to miss our home planet, luckily at a safe distance, so the armageddon isn't scheduled and Bruce Willis can ... 1

There Is Some Hope That We Aren't Living Inside a Computer Simulation

2 weeks ago - Philosopher Nick Bostrom's famous Simulation Argument suggests it's highly probable that we live inside a supercomputer. But one philosopher takes this hypothesis to task, arguing in a new paper that there are other post-human scenarios that need to be taken into account. Before ... 3

Gigantic hole mysteriously appears in Siberia. What caused it?

2 weeks ago - What is it with Russia and explosive events of cosmic origins? The 1908 Tunguska Explosion, the Chelyabinsk bolide of February 2013, and now this: an enormous 80-meter wide crater discovered in the Yamal peninsula in northern Siberia! To be fair, this crater is not ... 1

NWO Attempted Assassination of Vladimir Putin, But Got the Wrong Plane?

2 weeks ago - New information reveals that President Valdimir Putin’s plane may have been the target of an attempted assassination! He is doing many things right and standing strong for what is moral in this world. Furthermore, he is going against the grain of the New World Order, and we all know ... 6

Israeli military starts Gaza ground invasion

2 weeks ago - Netanyahu's office says purpose of mission is to destroy terror tunnels and seriously harm the infrastructure of Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza. IDF ground forces began to move into the Gaza Strip on Thursday evening, the prime minister's office confirmed. ... 1

Humans Will Prove We Are Not Alone In The Universe Within 20 Years

2 weeks ago - NASA predicts that 100 million worlds in our own Milky Way galaxy may host alien life, and space program scientists estimate that humans will be able to find life within two decades. Speaking at NASA’s Washington headquarters on Monday, the space agency outlined a plan to ... 2

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