Sunday's close flyby of asteroid 2014 RC

2 weeks ago - Guess who's dropping by for a quick visit this weekend? On Sunday, a 60-foot-wide (20-meters) asteroid named 2014 RC will skim just 25,000 miles (40,000 km) from Earth. That's within spitting distance of all those geosynchronous communication and weather satellites orbiting at 22,300 ... 1

Ebola virus accelerating: Experts have "never seen anything like it"

2 weeks ago - Three cases of Ebola have been identified in the southern Nigerian city of Port Harcourt, the World Health Organization (WHO) says, confirming that the disease has spread outside the capital Lagos, where five people have died. Officials in Port Harcourt - a teeming city of 1.4 ... 2

Deep sea 'mushroom' may be new branch of life

2 weeks ago - A mushroom-shaped sea animal discovered off the Australian coast has defied classification in the tree of life. A team of scientists at the University of Copenhagen says the tiny organism does not fit into any of the known subdivisions of the animal kingdom. Such a ... 1

Extinct underwater volcano discovered beneath Pacific Ocean

2 weeks ago - Lurking some 3.2 miles (5.1 kilometers) beneath the Pacific Ocean, a massive mountain rises up from the seafloor, say scientists who discovered the seamount using sonar technology. The seamount is about two-thirds of a mile high (1.1 kilometers), researchers said. Seamounts, ... 2

Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse

2 weeks ago - The 1972 book Limits to Growth, which predicted our civilisation would probably collapse some time this century, has been criticised as doomsday fantasy since it was published. Back in 2002, self-styled environmental expert Bjorn Lomborg consigned it to the “dustbin of history”. ... 3

Welcome to Laniakea, our new cosmic home

2 weeks ago - Using a new mapping technique that takes into account the motions -- and not just the distances -- of nearby galaxies, astronomers discovered that the Milky Way is located in the suburb of a massive, previously unknown super-cluster they named Laniakea, a term from Hawaiian words ... 1

Big Brother: Google's Location History is still recording your every move

2 weeks ago - Google could be tracking and recording your every location on your Android device, and you may not even know it! The culprit is a largely ignored feature in Android called Google Location history. The actual location service isn't unusual. It uses information like Cell IDs and Wi-Fi ... 2

Earth has multiple moons? Hunting for "minimoons" orbiting Earth

2 weeks ago - It's an engaging thought experiment. What if Earth had multiple moons? Our world has one large natural satellite, just over a quarter the diameter, 1/50th the volume, and less than 1/80th the mass of our fair world. In fact, the Earth-Moon system has sometimes been referred to as a ... 1

Is this Bigfoot's footprint? Men discover evidence of mysterious six-foot-tall creature in Mississippi woods

2 weeks ago - A large footprint unlike one from a human or bear has been found in the woods in Mississippi - raising suggestions that the creature it belongs to is Bigfoot. The large print was found by Peyton Lassiter in Vicksburg on August 12 - nine months after another local man, David Childers, ... 1

Archaeologists confirm that Stonehenge was once a complete circle

2 weeks ago - Though archaeologists have long suspected that the huge neolithic stones of Stonehenge once formed a complete circle, evidence in support of the claim has remained elusive. Now, owing to a spat of dry weather, the mystery appears to have been solved. Stonehenge's current configuration ... 1

Mystery UFO sighting that baffled police captured on camera in Pennsylvania

2 weeks ago - Unknown flashing lights from the unidentified flying object even left the local police without an explanation There is no question in Stephanie Wilkerson's mind about what she saw in the night sky this week. When a giant circle of flashing lights appeared over her Pennsylvania home, ... 1

The girl with three biological parents

2 weeks ago - Alana Saarinen loves playing golf and the piano, listening to music and hanging out with friends. In those respects, she's like many teenagers around the world. Except she's not, because every cell in Alana's body isn't like mine and yours - Alana is one of a few people in the world ... 1

Failed climate prediction: 'World will warm faster than predicted in next five years, study warns'

2 weeks ago - That now failed headline is from Duncan Clark in the Guardian. "New estimate based on the forthcoming upturn in solar activity and El Niño southern oscillation cycles is expected to silence global warming skeptics" Just a few small problems there: Let's take them one by ... 3

NASA reveals 'flurry of flares' from the Sun

2 weeks ago - It seems like the Sun finished August with a bit of bang. The latest footage from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory showed a region of the Sun unleashing over half a dozen solar flares between August 25 and 26. The sun emitted a mid-level solar flare that erupted on the ... 2

The worst Ebola outbreak in history is moving into Africa's cities

2 weeks ago - The dreaded Ebola virus came to the children’s hospital in the form of a 4-year-old boy. His diagnosis became clear three days after he was admitted. The Ola During hospital — the nation’s only pediatric center — was forced to close its steel gates. Fear swelled. The boy ... 1

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