Rover Curiosity Discovers 'Australia' on Mars

1 week ago - NASAs Mars rover Curiosity has begun science operations in a new area of study nicknamed the Kimberly after the Western Australian region. But in a new image uploaded to the Mars Science Laboratory raw image archive, it seems the Kimberly is a little more Australian than mission ...

Solar Impulse Unveils Fuel-Free Plane for Round-the-World Flight

1 week ago - The Swiss team that flew a solar-powered airplane across America has unveiled the even bigger plane that they plan to take around the world a year from now. "It's the most incredible airplane of its time," Bertrand Piccard, the president and co-pilot of the Solar Impulse venture, ...

10 reasons why you could quit your job

1 week ago - This was going to end badly. My boss screamed at me in front of my colleagues. I had done something wrong of course. I had sent a product to the client without debugging it thoroughly. It was my fault. But I don't like being yelled at. And fortunately I was sitting on a ...

Ancient Asteroid Boiled Oceans, Burned the Sky, and Shook Earth for a Half-Hour

1 week ago - These days we freak out whenever some dinky bollide explodes in the sky over Russia. But scientists have now reconstructed the effects of an enormous 3.26-billion-year-old asteroid impact on Earth that boiled the oceans, turned the sky red hot, and generated a half-hour-long earthquake ...

DNA nanobots deliver drugs in living cockroaches

1 week ago - It's a computer - inside a cockroach. Nano-sized entities made of DNA that are able to perform the same kind of logic operations as a silicon-based computer have been introduced into a living animal. The DNA computers - known as origami robots because they work by folding ... 2

APOCALYPSE NOW: Why a rare astrological event LAST NIGHT could herald the 'End of Days'

1 week ago - Mars, Earth, and the Sun all aligned last night, a rare 'opposition of the planets' that only happens once every 778 days.  But what made this event so remarkable is that it occured precisely a week before everyone on earth will see the first of FOUR dark red 'blood moons', an ... 1

10 studies showing that GMOs can be harmful to human health

1 week ago - Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason. The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10-year ban. ...

Snowden to Council of Europe: NSA deliberately snooped on Human Rights groups

1 week ago - The US has spied on the staff of prominent human rights organisations, Edward Snowden has told the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Europe's top human rights body. Giving evidence via a videolink from Moscow, Snowden said the National Security Agency - for which he worked as a ... 1

Americans who can't find Ukraine on map are more in favor of military intervention

1 week ago - Since Russian troops first entered the Crimean peninsula in early March, a series of media polling outlets have asked Americans how they want the U.S. to respond to the ongoing situation. Although two-thirds of Americans have reported following the situation at least "somewhat ...

NASA photo captures strange bright light coming out of Mars

1 week ago - A NASA camera on Mars has captured what appears to be artificial light emanating outward from the planet's surface. The photo, beamed millions of miles from Mars to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., was taken last week, apparently by one of two NASA rovers on the ...

Visions of the Impossible: Embrace the Unexplained

1 week ago - "The greatest taboo among serious intellectuals of the century just behind us, in fact, proved to be none of the "transgressions" itemized by postmodern thinkers: It was, rather, the heresy of challenging a materialist worldview." - —Victoria Nelson, The Secret Life of Puppets ...

Top secret memo from Saudi could (should) change war stance

1 week ago - There's not much I can add to what is already written here in these pages from a letter sent to Congress by the Syrian government. If you read about meeting that Vladimir Putin had with the Saudi Prince Bandar in which he was threatened to allow the fall of the Assad regime -- all ... 2

Scientists Use Sound Waves To Levitate And Manipulate Matter

1 week ago - A team of researchers in Switzerland have developed a way of levitating and transporting small objects using nothing but sound. Using ultrasonic waves that is, sound waves whose frequencies are too high for humans to hear, scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in ... 2

Red Planet Rising: Mars Shines Brighter Than It Has in Years

1 week ago - If you want to see Mars at its best, now's your time: This month, the Red Planet looks bigger and brighter than it has for the past six years. That may sound like the Great Mars Hoax — the occasional (and totally false) claim that Mars will loom as big as the moon in the night ...

Mythical El Chupacabra finally captured?

1 week ago - A Texas family claims they've captured the elusive "chupacabra," a mythical creature that supposedly attacks livestock. According to legend, chupacabras suck the blood of cows and goats. Although there's never been real evidence the creature exists, sightings of chupacabras have ... 7

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