Cave Paintings in Indonesia May Be Among the Oldest Known

2 weeks ago - The oldest cave painting known until now is a 40,800-year-old red disk from El Castillo, in northern Spain. Other archaeologists of human origins said the new findings were spectacular and, in at least one sense, unexpected. Sulawesi’s cave art, first described in the 1950s, ...

There IS Plenty of Water on Mars: Curiosity Rover Makes Big Water Discovery

2 weeks ago - Future Mars explorers may be able to get all the water they need out of the red dirt beneath their boots, a new study suggests. NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found that surface soil on the Red Planet contains about 2 percent water by weight. That means astronaut pioneers ... 5

The Simple Truth

2 weeks ago - There is only one truth, and after all the investigation, consultation, research, experiences and complication, and ultimate realization, it is simple ~ we are free! We are infinite beings – we all ways have been and all ways will be existing, whether it be in body or in ...

CIA admits Full Monitoring of Facebook and other Social Networks

2 weeks ago - Most people use social media like Facebook and Twitter to share photos of friends and family, chat with friends and strangers about random and amusing diversions, or follow their favorite websites, bands and television shows. But what does the US military use those same networks ... 3

NASA funding stimulates the search for extraterrestrial life

2 weeks ago - NASA funding stimulates the search for extraterrestrial life Posted by: Jason McClellan October 8, 2014 0 270 Views New funding announced by NASA will aid astrobiologists in the search for extraterrestrial life. NASA announced on Monday, October 6 that it has awarded ...

US Coast Guard Rescues a Man in "Bubble" from the Bermuda Triangle

2 weeks ago - To passing boaters, he likely looked like a hamster in a ball, bobbing up and down in a blow-up bubble in the Atlantic Ocean en route to Bermuda — across the Devil’s Sea. Reza Baluchi was on a mission to trace the Bermuda Triangle — 1,000 miles to Bermuda, 1,000 miles to ... 1

Kansas witness captures two UFOs on photo

2 weeks ago - A Kansas witness at Valley Center has submitted a photo of two UFOs taken by a friend that is “amazingly clear,” according to testimony in Case 60432 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. “I got this picture from a friend that took it,” the ... 1

Astrobiologists say proof of extraterrestrial life abundant

2 weeks ago - A team of astrobiologists say they have amassed enough evidence to prove life exists outside of planet Earth.  This isn’t the first time the group has made such claims. However, on the tail of the alleged discovery of plankton on the International Space Station (ISS), they are now ...

Scientists create crystal which would allow us to breathe underwater

2 weeks ago - Being able to breathe underwater has long been a fascination for mankind, but the bulky oxygen tanks and face masks take some of the romance out of it. They could soon no longer be needed however, thanks to the creation of the "Aquaman Crystal", or to use its proper name, ... 1

Wednesday's lunar eclipse will create a 'blood' moon

2 weeks ago - The second — and final — total lunar eclipse of 2014 will occur early Wednesday morning, just before sunrise in the Eastern Time Zone and in the middle of the night on the West Coast. The moon will appear a coppery red, so it's been called a "blood" moon. It'll look red ...

Big scientific study: First hint of 'life after death' found

2 weeks ago - Death is a depressingly inevitable consequence of life, but now scientists believe they may have found some light at the end of the tunnel. The largest ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences has discovered that some awareness may continue even after the ... 4

One in three jobs will be taken by software or robots by 2025

2 weeks ago - Gartner sees things like robots and drones replacing a third of all workers by 2025, and whether you want to believe it or not, is entirely your business. This is Gartner being provocative, as it is typically is, at the start of its major U.S. conference, the Symposium/ITxpo. ... 1

NASA looks to put astronauts in deep sleep for 7 days

2 weeks ago - As many Doctors from the BBC science fiction series "Doctor Who" have so eloquently put it, humanity has an inherent desire to look up toward the sky with dreams of exploring to the ends of the universe. And while our space programs are in many ways in their infancy when it comes to ...

Relatively simple trick: How to See Auras

2 weeks ago - If Chakras are the system of energy flow inside the body, then there must be a system of energy flow outside the body. It works in the same flow, but instead of an internal vortex, it manifests as an external wave. This is called your Aura. aura1What is an Aura? It is another ...

EV-D68 vs Ebola: Are We Worrying About the Wrong Virus?

2 weeks ago - The headlines are full of news about Ebola, and there’s a very valid reason for that. The illness presents in a gruesome, bloody fashion best suited for a horror movie. But while America’s attention is on a disease in which there is only ONE confirmed case in the country, there ...

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