'Space City' Houston UFOs Look For An Explanation

12 hours ago - When UFOs fly over a metropolitan area known as "Space City," it's safe to assume explanations for the sightings also will fly. During an Aug. 11 rain storm in Houston, some odd lights were photographed above the city that's home to the Johnson Space Center, headquarters of ...

Row reignites over distance of Pleiades star cluster

13 hours ago - The most precise measurement yet of the distance to the Pleiades star cluster is reviving a dispute that has split the astronomy community largely down a trans-Atlantic divide for the past 17 years. The latest result, from a US team using a worldwide network of radio telescopes, ...

What Lit up the Universe? Astronomers May be on the Brink of an Answer

15 hours ago - Most scientists can see, hear, smell, touch or even taste their research. But astronomers can only study light — photons traveling billions of light-years across the cosmos before getting scooped up by an array of radio dishes or a single parabolic mirror orbiting the Earth. ...

Were the mystery Pacific lights caused by an 'energy bubble'?

1 day ago - Earlier this week a pilot and his co-pilot spotted a mysterious orange and red glow while flying over the Pacific Ocean. The strange lights baffled the pilots, with no obvious explanation available. But a Nasa researcher has told MailOnline that he thinks the answer may lie ... 1

UFOs spotted during rain storm in Houston, Texas?

1 day ago - Sky gazers in the Lone Star State are still scratching their heads as they look for an explanation behind mysterious sets of lights photographed earlier this month over the city of Houston. Images taken on August 11 during a rain storm and posted to social media have had some Texans ... 1

These 3-D Printed Skeleton Keys Can Pick High-Security Locks in Seconds

1 day ago - One of the hairier unintended consequences of cheap 3-D printing is that any troublemaker can duplicate a key without setting foot in a hardware store. But clever lockpickers like Jos Weyers and Christian Holler already are taking that DIY key-making trick a step further: They can 3-D ... 1

"Spooky" quantum entanglement reveals invisible objects

1 day ago - Like twins separated at birth who are later reunited, two laser beams revealed invisible objects in a display of their weird quantum connection, researchers reported on Wednesday. The images, of tiny cats and a trident, are an advance for quantum optics, an emerging physics ... 2

Nasa Approves Rocket To Take Humans To Mars

1 day ago - Nasa has approved construction of the world's most powerful rocket designed to take astronauts to Mars. The $7bn (£4.2bn) Space Launch System (SLS) is scheduled to blast off for a test launch in November 2018. It will potentially take humans to the red planet for the first ... 2

Alexander the Great-Era Tomb Will Soon Reveal Its Secrets

2 days ago - As archaeologists continue to clear dirt and stone slabs from the entrance of a huge tomb in Greece, excitement is building over what excavators may find inside. The monumental burial complex — which dates back to the fourth century B.C., during the era of Alexander the ... 3

Iceland lake monster does exist

2 days ago - Lagarfljtsormurinn, the giant serpent rumored to inhabit the lake Lagarfljt near Egilsstair in East Iceland truly exists, as announced on Saturday by the majority of a 13-person truth commission established in 2012 by the Fljtsdalshra municipal council. The commission was given ... 1

Water clouds tentatively detected just 7 light-years from Earth

2 days ago - Astronomers have found signs of water ice clouds on an object just 7.3 light-years from Earth—less than twice the distance of Alpha Centauri, the nearest star system to the sun. If confirmed, the discovery is the first sighting of water clouds beyond our solar system. The clouds ... 2

Do we live in a 2-D hologram? New Fermilab experiment will test the nature of the universe

2 days ago - A unique experiment at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory called the Holometer has started collecting data that will answer some mind-bending questions about our universe – including whether we live in a hologram. Much like characters on a ... 1

Why Are Psychedelics Illegal?

3 days ago - Terence McKenna viewed cannabis, psilocybin, DMT, LSD, and other psychedelics as “catalysts of intellectual dissent.” He wrote in The Archaic Revival (1991) that his assumption about psychedelics had always been that they were illegal “not because it troubles anyone that you have ... 6

30 metre wide sinkhole appears in Durham

3 days ago - A 30-metre (100ft) wide sinkhole has opened up in county Durham in the north-east of England, and it is so deep that its bottom cannot be seen. The gaping void, thought to be the result of mine workings, was discovered on Thursday by Sam Hillyard, a Durham University academic, at ... 1

Are There More Stonehenges Under Stonehenge?

3 days ago - One way to find out what’s under a rock is to lift it up and look. That’s impossible when the rock is Stonehenge, the ancient stone circle in Wiltshire, England. Fortunately, archeologists have found a new way to look underneath Stonehenge and discovered it may not be the only ... 2

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