1 dead 5 Officers injured in drug raid

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PostThu Jan 05, 2012 4:37 pm » by Shaggietrip

I was not going to make a new thread for this but could not really find a relative post. I also was going to title the thread Police related shootings. So one could post such news in one thread. But was unsure of that also. Anyway here is the story.

Police officer killed, 5 wounded in Utah drug raid

(Reuters) - One police officer was killed and five others were wounded after a shootout erupted in Utah late on Wednesday as a narcotics enforcement team executed a search warrant at a home in Ogden, police said.

A single gunman fired on officers as they approached the home, Lieutenant Danielle Croyle, a spokeswoman for Ogden police, said on Thursday.

Agent Jared Francom was pronounced dead early on Thursday, she said. Five other officers wounded in the gunfire were at hospitals being treated for injuries ranging from serious to critical, Croyle said.

The suspect was also injured when the officers returned fire and is under guard at a hospital, Croyle said.

The name of the suspect was not being released.

The Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force was serving a search warrant when an unknown assailant opened fire, the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper reported, citing Ogden Police Lieutenant Tony Fox.

Neighbors scrambled to safety when shots rang out, the paper said.

"It was, like I say, the scariest thing ever," Devin Hadley, who was driving with his wife to visit his parents when the shooting started, told the paper. "I had no idea it would be something this big."

Another witness, Clayton Payne, told Utah's ABC 4 News he heard the shots from his home near the scene.

"We heard three pops, and didn't know what they were at first. Two or three minutes later we heard the multiple gunshots going off," Payne said, adding that he came out of his house to see what was the commotion.

"They were yelling at the suspect to show them his arms and get down," he added.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/01/05/us-shooting-utah-idUSTRE8040FO20120105?feedType=RSS&feedName=topNews&rpc=71

As Americans keep arming themselves and the drug runners do also the police are going to find it a bit more of a challenge. This guy was obviously ready for a situation like this.


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PostThu Jan 05, 2012 5:28 pm » by Kinninigan

I agree great post!

I used to feel sorry for dead officers, until like most people, got sick of police never "policing" there own. After ex Marine Jose Guerra was killed in Arizona from 60 rounds from a swat team in front of his wife and kids, and left to bleed there for an hour, WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT DEAD COPS ANYMORE?

I also blame the DEA and war on drugs. More people have died from law enforcement then illegal drug overdoses, yet they are gun ho to shoot any drug dealer like they get a thrill outta of it and a pay bonus, or they throw them in jail and make $48,000 a year off the prisoner while the prison guards themselves deal drugs in prison.

Also, how many politicions and law enforcement do you think could pass a drug (or IQ) test today?


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