10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory

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10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory

In quantum physics—the scientific study of the nature of physical reality—there is plenty of room for interpretation within the realm of what is known. The most popular mainstream interpretation, the Copenhagen interpretation, has as one of its central tenets the concept of wave function collapse. That is to say, every event exists as a “wave function” which contains every possible outcome of that event, which “collapses”—distilling into the actual outcome, once it is observed. For example, if a room is unobserved, anything and everything that could possibly be in that room exists in “quantum superposition”—an indeterminate state, full of every possibility, at least until someone enters the room and observes it, thereby collapsing the wave function and solidifying the reality.


The role of the observer has long been a source of contention for those who disagree with the theory. The strongest competition to this interpretation, and probably the second most popular mainstream interpretation (meaning, a lot of incredibly smart people think it’s a sound theory) is called the Everett interpretation after Hugh Everett, who first proposed it in 1957. It’s known colloquially as the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI), because it postulates simply that the wave function never collapses; it simply branches into its own unique world-line, resulting in every possible outcome of every situation existing in physical reality. If you’re having a hard time getting your head around that statement (and the fact that it’s held to be correct by the likes ofStephen Hawking), allow us to spell out some of the implications for you—but first, you may want to plug your ears to hold your brains in.



You’re probably familiar with the concept of “alternate universes,” and if so, probably because you’ve seen it in fiction. After all, one of the very first instances of the concept appeared in DC comics, first touched upon in a couple of issues of Wonder Woman, but firmly established in a 1961 issue ofThe Flash. The fictional “Multiverse” concept established by DC, and taken further by Marvel, is simply the concept that there exists infinite alternate realities, each containing separate and unique versions of their characters, which exist outside one another and often cross over.

This is the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics in a nutshell (without the crossing over, so far as we know). It states that since the wave function never collapses, every possible outcome of any event is realized in a separate and non-communicating physical reality, which actually exists alongside our own. It is interesting to note that this seemingly coincidental use of alternate realities, perfectly describing MWI, was put forth in a fictional medium just four years after Everett’s initial proposal of the interpretation. If MWI is correct, it is certainly not a coincidence—for fiction may be more than just made-up stories, as we’ll see later.

At any rate, this means that there is a version of you whose car broke down this morning, forcing you to take the bus (or, if that happened this morning, then vice versa). There’s also a version of you who was attacked by a dive-bombing kamikaze bald eagle, for this doesn’t just apply to mundane stuff; as a necessary consequence of Many Worlds, it must hold that…


Let’s consider an NFL football game being played. Assume that every time the quarterback throws the ball, there is a gigantic invisible die being rolled, a die which contains an infinite amount of values. The most common, likely outcomes—receiver catches the ball and scores, catches the ball but gets tackled, ball is intercepted, and so on—are assigned to a very high number, perhaps billions, of values. Very unlikely outcomes—say, the ball bounces off of the sole of the sprinting receiver’s shoe as he is hit by a linebacker, is barely scooped up off the turf by a running back, who somehow eludes all the tacklers and scores—are assigned to a low number of values. But crucially, they are still assigned.

MWI concludes that all values are rolled in some timeline somewhere, even the most unlikely ones—and inevitably, the timeline where the low-probability value gets rolled will be ours. As evidenced by the play described above, which totally happened and decided the outcome of a divisional playoff game.
And there is no ceiling of improbability, other than physics—whatever could possibly occur.

We have no way of knowing whether or not even those physical laws remain consistent across all possible world-lines, because we unfortunately can’t communicate with or visit them to ask. So even when confronted with circumstances that appear to be impossible, like a glowing ball of light that shoots fireballs at a police helicopter, or a missing woman unknowingly standing in the background of a photo being taken of her family for a newspaper story about her disappearance, it helps to remember that nothing is impossible on a large enough scale—indeed, given an infinite number of chances, literally anything you can imagine is not only possible, but inevitable. And just as inevitably, the impossible or unimaginable—given billions upon billions of chances—will happen here in our world-line. Which leads to a couple of interesting observations about human nature…

The list is extensive, please read on....

http://themindunleashed.org/2014/02/10- ... heory.html
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Yeah there was also a show based on this which was one of my fav shows growing up Sliders. where a guy name Quinn created a device that allowed him a female friend his professor & a unlucky by passer who got caught up by the tunnel that they slide through to travel through the parallel dimensions each one was different and some times they ran into theyself or they double was wanted for something and they got caught instead etc. the device was an old cellphone and used a timer to know when to travel. only problem was they never knew were they was going next (whole time trying to make it back to they real home) also each slide the time on each dimension was diff could be couple secs couple hrs couple days couple years. and if they missed the slide they would have to wait 27 or 29 years before they was able to slide again. then in later seasons started running into these what looked like Aliens flying around in crafts also traveling through dimensions etcept they tunnel was red were as the tunnel they slid through was blue. they looked very different and was barbaric only to find out that they was also humans but from the distant future. (which also sounds familiar with the UK some forrest near military base were a ufo was spotted and one of the witnesses remember touching the craft and seeing a series of 1's & 0's which like 20 years later discovered that it was actually a message and a location on earth can't remember what the message said but to the people talking about was talking about how theirs a possiblity that they not aliens but actually humans from the futures

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I have this stupid theory I'm 100% sure is right.

There can't be an infinite amount of universes because if one understands the very concept of infinity, our universe would cease to exist. Infinity means anything is possible, even the impossible, which means a purple monkey made of chalk and seashells on Earth #193827626277388292920112827^10 gained omnipotence somehow and traveled between universes, destroying as it went until it reached ours.

So, because we haven't been obliterated by said omnipotent purple monkey made of chalk and seashells, there can't be an infinite amount of alternate realities. :D
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Warning! Spoiler:
You Little Curious Mother fucker

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