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PostFri Aug 21, 2009 10:21 pm » by Lucidlemondrop

towelie wrote:This is the 3rd time i can recall this subject on here, and still it amazes me how many people are still falling for the 10% MYTH, there arent any neuroscientists that will say anything appart from, we use 100% of our brain.

Check this link it will explain everything a lot better than i could - http://faculty.washington.edu/chudler/tenper.html

I haven't read the link yet, but what i am thinking is that although we aren't aware of using some of the other parts of brain we may be be quite actively using it to simultaneously use them in other dimensional activities!

I think I probably do!
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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 3:44 pm » by Towelie

Its possible that could be correct Lucid, no one realy knows what we use it all for but theres been activity recorded in 100% of the brain, i find the human brain fascinating(from a processing view) ive made a few posts about the quantum processing abilities of the brain, and even on similarities between our brain and the formation of the early universe.
One great similarity is that the early universe(before the bonds of electromagnetism took hold,) was made up of quibits(quantum processors,) its been calculated that the ammount of quibits was equal to the ammount of tubulins(quantum processors) in the human brain.
*Wouldnt be as intresting if we realy did only use 10% :D .
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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 5:04 pm » by Dmtshaman

:think: SO I think we get confused with our brain and DNA...its our DNA that science claims we use 10% of...the rest is unknown or called junk DNA...but it just shows how much of our inner seed that we dont use or understand...seeds that are not being nutured to grow or sprout into our conscious mind...by design? If we keep proclaiming that we only use 10% of our brain this keeps you from believeing anything otherwise...thus limiting not only our potential to be divine god like creatures but to keep us in a dumbed down state of slavery and never finding inner peace and happiness. :sunny:
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