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Many years ago i had the most bizarre series of events happen to me.
After the first 'excursion' (the term i use to explain this type of event') i started keeping records.
However, whenever i tried to review and make sense of them and still to this day.
Ive spent many years perusing and studying these notes.
I offer no physical tangible evidence and offer them for your curiosity and scrutiny.

I remember stepping through a sliding metal door like that on Star Trek.
I turned to see a metal vehicle fly away and then up at great speed and with no sound.
I wore a long white gown which was light and airy like cotton and covered my neck to my feet.
Also i was barefoot (for some reason i have a vague recollection of being asked if i would like sandals to which i declined.Inconsequential perhaps)
The ground beneath my feet was an orange brown dirt with stones and pebbles.
The area was on a high mountain top which was squared off as if someone had slice the peak off.
Around me were white clouds below i could make out vast patchworks of green and brown lands.
The sun was warm and a gentle breeze cooled my face.
I felt a sense of ease and calm. ( i believe this the result of Lo Rah Alu emotion controls)
I walked a long path that winded to the step the i saw a long rock table.st in an soundproofed hall.
along one side of the long walls and on the far wall were ornate portraits of the heads of a variety of human faces and heads.
The table seemed to be curved from the rock of the mountain yet it was perfectly flat and smooth had no corner edges and seemed to shimmer a whitish glow although very faintly.
Present there were 12 other beings also dressed as i.
@here i have removed the descriptions of some of these beings because i dont want you guys to think i watch to much Star Trek.
So i decided to put these descriptions in part 2 after i have described what i first learn t about them.@

The First tribe of man bagan on another world than ares, they were of two races , the pinks and the greys. Peace was a natural state for these races and they evolved many civilizations spanning thousands and thousands of years maybe even millions.
However, eventually they fell into a race driven war which lasted equally as long as their greatest culture.
Now one side eventually and in an effort finish the war in totality employed 'Radiation Weapons' whilst at the same time the other side put all their final efforts into the deployment of 'Bio Genetic Weapons'.
Now only small pockets of the surviving clans and tribes survived in far off places.
The radiation weapons had damaged their 'ionosphere' and all life had been poisoned. and the mineral rich oceans boiled that none could approach.
Now among the survivors were tribes that remembered the old ways when pinks and grey were at peace and also there were tribes that had braved the destruction together.
A new peace was formed and of the pinks a man was chosen and of the greys a woman and they bonded and they became the first family of the first tribe of Man.
Overtime a new and glorious civilization arose and the children of the first family created a caste system to organise them without chaos @in later conversations i discovered that they had no 'religion or belief system' but later after the wars they came to adopt an 'anti-chaos' philosophy@
Now in an effort to save their damaged world whose calamities were increasing and after various twists they came to Earth.
On their home world the oceans are mineral rich and one of the foundation technologies is the extraction of minerals from liquid.
But when they got to earth there technologies had no influence. And because of the caste system the workers were told to do mining but after a time they became tired and complained.
Among them were a chief scientist and a chief medical officer who was female but because of the caste system was equal in rank.
Among the life forms on earth were the spiders and the ants and goats and others but none had intellect or sentience that could do their mining.
After much experimentation of mixing together different creatures two candidates for sentience emerged.
The Tree Men, and The Rock Men..(Ape Men and Trolls?)
Both walked upright and both had knuckles and both had higher brain potential.
so they took a she troll and a man ape and mixed together their genetic essence.
and they produced hairy mishapen monsters which were of no use
So they took a She Ape and a He Troll and mixed, together their genetic essence.
And they produced hairless men but only men and they could not use there genitals.
In an urgent effort the Chief Medical Officer volunteered to carry the essence of the hairless men.
And so were was born the first man of the second tribe of man.
The chief medical officer now took the essence of the first man and carried it to term.
And so was born the first woman, of the third tribe of man.
But after a time they did not fornicate and reproduce and the Chief Scientist became impatient.
So in secret and against their laws he did impregnate the first woman.
And she produced a man and so was born the first man of the fourth tribe of man
But now that she has concieved she now did so again with first man of the first tribe
ANd now the first man of the fifth tribe was born.
And after a time it became known what the Chief Scientist had done and also it became known that
other officers and workers alike had also 'dallied' with woman of the third tribe and they too now had offspring.
And so to make law and order they extended the caste system to include the lower tribes.
Thus a hierachy of tribes was formed but they had lost track of the genetic lines.
So they took all the lower tribes men and woman and gathered them together.
Then they divided up the women and then the men between the officers and chief workers.
And each officer founded a nation and there were 10 nations.
The chief medical officer became known as 'mother to all' and she founded the capital nation
which was named after there homelan and of the first tribe.
The 4 main nations went in four directions and took the name of 4 tribes of man and of the lands around.
Then 4 minor nations took the name of their founder and this was a name of a tribe.
And they went across the seas.
And now the Chief Scientist revealed that he had also taken the essence of the men of lower tribes
and mixed them with other creatures and that they too had gained their own essence.
And they were:'
The Ant Men and The Hairy Men who lived in the land. And they became the 10the tribe of man
The Sea Men and the Fish Woman who lived in the ocean. And they became the 11th tribe of man
The Beast Men who lived on land and they became the 12th tribe of man
And the Giant(monstrous) Men who lived in the land and on the land and they became the 13th tribe.

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I feel like i just proof read the next best seller...nice story thanks for the ideas :mrgreen:

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The Ant People
People may also have heard of the legends of the Hopi Indians of America. One of these stories tells of, prior to an eminent destruction coming to the surface of the Earth, some friendly “Ant People” carried the Hopi underground to save them.

The ant people told the Hopi, that they had come from the skies many years ago. To avoid a similar destruction, on the surface, they had moved underground. Now they had made their homes there. These aliens were friendly and even shared their food with the Hopi, until it was safe for them to return to the surface.

A Hopi Legend

Long ago, on the enormous far rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, lived the ancestors of the Snake Clan, who belonged to the Hopi Indian tribe.

Chief of the Hopis had a very wise son, who liked to sit and meditate on the edge of the canyon rim. He tried many times to imagine where the powerful river far below finally ended.

Experienced ancient men of their nation did not know the answer for Wise Son. Their council leaders had different ideas among themselves. One thought the river took a secret course through enormous underground passages. Another thought it entered the middle of the world and there it nurtured large and dangerous reptiles.

Impatient, Wise Son said to his father, the Chief, "Is it not time for me to seek my quest? I wish to go down the great river and find the place where it ends."

Proud of his son's desire for accomplishment, the Chief gladly granted him permission to follow his quest. Wise Son, overjoyed with his coming venture, planned specifically for every need. His family and tribal friends helped him to design and to build a waterproof boat that could be closed entirely, like a cocoon.

He constructed a long pushing-pole to help him navigate the waters. The maker of medicine tied prayer sticks at the top of the pole, with special blessings for a safe journey.

Finally, the day arrived for Wise Son to launch his special canoe. The Chief and his warriors arrived with supplies of food, good wishes, and more prayer sticks.

Week after week, Wise Son drifted with the river. He was happy. He learned to keep his boat in the main current, though it carried him through several turbulent side routes, including rapids and tunnel-like caves. He victoriously came though these experiences with joy in his heart.

On and on Wise Son traveled, winding his way out of steep canyons and through flat meadowlands. He caught fresh fish for his main food supply. One day, Wise Son noticed a change in the taste of the water. It was salty and he knew that he should not drink it. Then to his surprise, he suddenly floated into a great body of water that extended as far as he could see. He had discovered the place where the mighty river ended, in the ocean where the sun sleeps!

He saw an island and guided his boat to its shore. There was a house nearby. Upon investigation, he found only a very small entrance door. He knocked and asked, "Please, will you let me come in and see you?"

Spider Woman, who possessed supernatural power, lived there and answered, "Please make the hole large enough and enter." This, Wise Son did and sat down inside. He presented to Spider Woman one of his prayer sticks and told her of his adventure to find the place where the river ended.

"When I return to my nation, I wish to take with me a gift that might be helpful to my people," he said. "There is a neighboring house where there are many beautiful ornament-like beads and rocks. These might be gifts that you can take to your people," she replied. "But I must caution you to be careful of the vicious animals on the path. I will give you some of my magic lotion to protect you." Together they started for the treasure house. To guide him, Spider Woman sat upon Wise Son's ear, where she could whisper to him.

Immediately, Wise Son sprinkled some magic lotion on the marshy path. A colorful bridge appeared instantly, guiding them across the marsh to the treasure house. First, they encountered an enormous lionlike animal showing its fangs. Wise Son tossed him a prayer stick and sprinkled magic lotion, which calmed the creature.

Second, they met a bear-like animal; third, a mad catlike creature; fourth, a ferocious wolf-like beast; fifth, a huge angry-looking snake with rattles on its tail. Wise Son quieted all of them with Spider Woman's magic lotion. The treasure house had steps leading to the roof, and from there steps took them down into a large room. Men squatted around the inside walls. The warriors wore handsome, bright-colored beads hanging about their necks. They had painted their faces tribal fashion.

Wise Son squatted by the fire. All remained quiet for some time. The men gazed at Wise Son constantly. Finally, their Chief arose and lighted his pipe. After smoking four times, he passed the pipe to the stranger. Wise Son smoked the magic number of times that seemed to please the Chief and the others. They then greeted him in a friendly manner, as if he were one of their own.

In return for their warm welcome, Wise Son gave to each man a prayer stick tipped with special feathers made by ancient Hopi nations men. "Now it is time to put on our snake costumes," announced the Chief. Wise Son observed that skins of enormous serpents were suspended from the ceiling, around all four walls. He was asked to face about, so that he would not see how the warriors got into their snakeskin costumes.

When Wise Son was asked to turn back, he saw snakes of many sizes and colors, hissing and writhing over the dirt floor. Spider Woman remained on Wise Son's ear. "Be strong," she whispered to him. "The snakes will not hurt you, only frighten you. Do whatever I tell you." The Chief of the Snake People had made his daughter become a yellow-snake-with-rattles. Wise Son did not know this, and he was asked to choose the Chief's daughter. If he could choose correctly, the Snake People would show him their ceremonial dance. They also would give him many beads and gem-rocks to take to his nation.

Wise Son tried very hard to guess which snake was the Chief's daughter. Spider Woman whispered in his ear, "Choose the yellow one with rattles." Wise Son did, and yellow-snake-with-rattles suddenly became the loveliest and fairest of maidens. He knew immediately that he could easily fall in love with her. That evening the Chief and his warriors gave to Wise Son all the secrets of the Snake Ceremony. They taught him the words of praise and thanksgiving, which they sang for him. They showed him the ceremonial steps, which they danced for him. They showed him how they put on their snake costumes. Finally, they showed him their altar.

After Wise Son learned all that he should know, he and Spider Woman re-crossed the bridge and returned to her house. He presented her with another prayer stick, as he thanked her for her help. In return, she gave him a beautiful bead of turquoise from her north room. She gave him a white shell from her east room. From her south room, she gave him a red bead, and from her west room a larger turquoise. She then gave him a bag of special beads for his nation, but she warned him not to open it on the way home.

Next morning, Wise Son went back to the house of the Snake People to say farewell. Their Chief welcomed him and declared, "You have gained our friendship and my beautiful daughter. Take her for your wife. We wish you happiness and a pleasant journey back to your nation." The nation gave them many presents of good clothing and much food to send the happy couple on their way to Hopi land.

They took the overland route following the great river. Each day Wise Son found the treasure bag heavier and heavier. He and his wife could hardly carry it between them. One day out of extreme curiosity, they opened the bag and looked inside. Regardless of Spider Woman's caution, the two rolled out the beads and made strands for each to wear around their necks. By the following morning, all of the gift beads had vanished. Only remaining were the gems from the four rooms in Spider Woman's house.

Many moons later, the young couple reached Hopi land on the far rim of the Grand Canyon. Wise Son was delighted to be home again after his great adventure. The entire Hopi nation rejoiced over his safe return and welcomed his new young wife to their nation. Wise Son told where the great river ended. He told them about the Snake Clan, and that he and his wife brought them a special ceremony from the Snake People, living where the sun sleeps. Wise Son and his wife taught the Hopis all the songs and dances of the Snake Ceremony. This was the beginning of the Snake Clan of the Hopi nation.

Today, visitors are welcomed by the Hopis when their Snake Clan performs at its annual Snake Ceremony. This is their traditional praise and thanksgiving offering for the blessings of rain to the Hopi nation.

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