16th-Century Trial Records Reveal Priest's Magic Superpowers

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PostFri Sep 14, 2012 10:32 am » by One-23

16th-Century Trial Records Reveal Priest's Magic 'Superpowers'


On Jan. 30, 1540, in Mexico City, at a time when Spain was carving out an empire in the New World, an epic trial got under way.

An ordained Catholic priest named Pedro Ruiz Calderón was being prosecuted for practicing black magic. The priest actually bragged about the powers he had acquired according to records a researcher is working on publishing.

He claimed to be able to teleport between continents, make himself invisible, make women fall in love with him, predict the future, turn metals into gold, summon and exorcise demons and, most importantly, discover buried treasure.


Included in the trial records is a list of books Calderon was found with. The most puzzling material was a group of archival letters written in a special cipher that Calderon claimed to be able to read, no one else could

"He could hypnotize people, too; it's one of the earliest, I think, descriptions of hypnotism, mesmerizing people."

At the start of the trial, Calderón was denounced in a speech by Miguel López de Legazpi, the Secretary of the Holy Office, who would later become a conquistador in the Philippines. In translation, the trial records state that "many persons have made it known before him [Legazpi] that the said Calderón knows of the Black Arts and that he learned them from others." The records go on to claim that Calderón is able to make himself invisible and can travel across great distances in a short amount of time. "It's just fascinating. The story just goes on and on," Chuchiak told LiveScience of the more than 100 pages of trial records.

According to the trial records, Calderón claimed that he went to hell itself to acquire some of his abilities. At one point, the records say he was in Naples, working for a viceroy.

"He and three men went to explore a cave. He said it was 3,000 leagues below the surface of the Earth," said Chuchiak, summarizing the Spanish language account. Apparently, the men got stuck there, with most of Calderón's companions dying.

"He actually descended to the depths of hell, he said, and there he learned the secrets of the science of the black arts and alchemy."


Calderón did not return empty-handed, Chuchiak said.

"He brought back books from hell. He said one of them had the signature of the devil, the prince of darkness."

When Calderón was arrested, his library was seized. None of the books contained the signature of the devil; however, some intriguing books were found, including Albertus Magnus' "Secrets,"a manual on how to conduct exorcisms, and a book by Dr. Arnaldo de Villanueva called the "Treasure of Treasures,"in which it describes techniques to find buried treasures. The library also held "archival letters written in some mysterious writing, a certain cipher that he claimed that he could read," Chuchiak said. "No one else could read it."

Albertus Magnus


Source http://news.yahoo.com/16th-century-tria ... 38608.html

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PostFri Sep 14, 2012 11:28 am » by Spock

Seems if he could have really done all that, he could have easily escaped trial and transported somewhere to live out his life if he had wanted.

I'm thinking this may be an earlier version of the Eliakim/Lord Steven/Raphael type.
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PostFri Sep 14, 2012 12:57 pm » by Fatdogmendoza

Spock wrote:Seems if he could have really done all that, he could have easily escaped trial and transported somewhere to live out his life if he had wanted.

I'm thinking this may be an earlier version of the Eliakim/Lord Steven/Raphael type.


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PostSat Sep 15, 2012 12:23 am » by Seriouscitizen

Nutcase or not,. I think there could be some truth in the excistense of those abilities. It is like the same abilities Thoth had or other ancient "divine" beings. He could have imagined it. That doesnt disprove it couldn't/can't be done at all. :think:

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PostSat Sep 15, 2012 12:28 am » by Willease

Or he could have been completely insane.

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PostSat Sep 15, 2012 12:29 am » by Iwanci

Took the words out of my mouth Spock....

Make himself invisible? tadaaaaaaa.....

Foresee the Future? tadaaaaaa....

If he could turn metals into gold, why would he go looking for gold? Tadaaaaaa....

LOL... would make for a great movie though....
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