17 journey 2014 millions meteorites will collide with earth

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17 journey 2014 millions black meteorites will collide with earth - but not doom this day

Jan. 16 May Be Last Best Chance to Search for Comet ISON’s Remains

Read more: http://www.universetoday.com/107542/jan ... z2p2TaaNPq

A Timeline Of Comet ISON’s Dangerous Journey

prophecy islamic

Ka'b said: "The perishing (end) of Bani Al-Abbas (the progeny of Al-Abbas) will be once a

star appears in Jawf (region), and a Hadda (powerful, hammering sound) and Wahiya

(catastrophe). All of this in the month of Ramadan. The redness will be between the 5th and 20th of Ramadan. The Hadda (powerful, hammering sound) is between the

middle and the 20th (of Ramadan). The Wahiya (catastrophe) is between the 20th and

24th (of Ramadan). A star thrown (by Allah from Heaven) illuminates like a moon and

then turns like a snake until its ends meet. Two tremors will be in the night of Fis'hain.

The star thrown (by Allah from Heaven) is a Shahab (asteroid) that rushes from the sky

with a powerful sound when it drops in the East and because of it, people will

experience magnificent disasters." (Nuaim bin Hammad's Kitab Al-Fitan )

Islamic calendar the time told to this prophecy with now was different and such as the hebrew calendar

Ramadan = More years according with Tevet And some years such as this year according with shabat

red sky result comet dust

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NASA reports Comet ISON dust trail to bring unusual meteor shower to Earth

Veteran meteor researcher Paul Wiegert of the University of Western Ontario has been using a computer to model the trajectory of dust ejected by Comet ISON, and his findings suggest that an unusual meteor shower could be in the offing.

“For several days around January 12th, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON,” says Wiegert. “The resulting shower could have some interesting properties.

According to Wiegert’s computer models, the debris stream is populated with extremely tiny grains of dust, no more than a few microns wide, pushed toward Earth by the gentle radiation pressure of the sun. They will be hitting at a speed of 56 km/s or 125,000 mph. Because the particles are so small, Earth’s upper atmosphere will rapidly slow them to a stop.

“Instead of burning up in a flash of light, they will drift gently down to the Earth below,” he says.

Well, folks are already noticing “strange” things happening in our skies.

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The map of the path we see in the above image was created by David Dickinson , famous astronomer, which follows the orbit of the remains of ISON on Twitter using the hashtag # GhostofIson. Given the speed with which events have happened, it is possible that NASA or other space agencies can not implement any special defense mechanism against the remnants of the comet.

In coming days we will learn more about this event, for now, has not disclosed to the public. ISON, regarded as the comet of the century, certain to be renamed in the coming hours as "the comet that made us look at the sky." We'll see what happens with his ghost.

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Day of the Triffids meets Night of the Comet?

Upload to Disclose.tv

Upload to Disclose.tv

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