18 Black Students Rape 11 year old girl. Racist Hate Crime?

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PostFri Mar 11, 2011 6:50 am » by Anuki

troll2rocks wrote:I am disgusted at this incident, and further disgusted at how some people use these kind of events to push their ideals onto people.

Fuck you Rapists

Fuck you Racists

Social conditioning breeds only the ignorant and fearful.

Darwin awards await you.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty shall we, this would be no less disgusting had it been 18 white people, or Chinese or Mexican people.

Why does the title need to read...
18 Black Students Rape 11 year old girl. Racist Hate Crime

Would it have been put the same this way around...
18 White Students Rape 11 year old black girl. Racist Hate Crime

Or what about if the girl was simply black, I seriously doubt it would have even made it onto this here site.

Jesus, some people just do mean things, its that simple, whether from poor parenting or bad social climate.

Skin colour and race has fuck all to do with it. Just nasty people doing nasty things.

Like the grand old debate about racial percentages of paedophilia. Now there is a topic that could stir up some serious shit here on DTV, so lets not go there.

Lets all just get along, and do right by our neighbors shall we. jeeeeessshhhh


A-men :wink:


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