188 Day Quake Interval 6.0+ today someplace in the ring?

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PostThu Sep 15, 2011 4:01 pm » by Savwafair2012

188 Day Quake Interval Returns Thursday

Major quakes separated by 188 day intervals; the next 188 day span ends tomorrow, September 15th. The information below is from the website linked below; let's hope September 15th is an 'ordinary' day!


There seems to be a 188 day-count pattern of earthquakes along the Pacific ‘Rim of Fire’ since 2010. The pattern happens to correlate with the alignment of ELENIN-Earth-Sun dates. If you start with the Conception Chile earthquake of Feb 27, 2010 & add 188 days, (end-date excluded & 1 day adjustment for time change) & you subsequently get the Christchurch & Sendai earthquake dates. All of the distances are within 500 miles of each other. Interestingly, either a New or Full Moon –which are the strongest & closest to Earth in recent years, are within Days of each event also. Will this pattern follow with a California/US significant earthquake in mid September due to the 188 date-count then or with the Elenin Alignment on 27/28th? This chart & information presented is not to intended to predict a date/
time for a significant earthquake but to bring your attention to a possible relationship between the 188 day-count pattern related to the certain & confirmed alignments of ELENIN thus far.


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