1954: BOAC Airliner Encounters UFO Mother Ship

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I recently gained new interest in an old UFO case, when a lady sent me an email telling me that her father, who is still alive today, was a passenger on a Boening Stratocruiser on June 29, 1954 when crew members and passengers saw seven UFOs over the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the UFOs was larger, or a mother ship, flanked by six other similar, yet smaller, unknown objects. The plane was England bound from Queens, New York.

The eyewitness of this tantalizing account worked for British Airways in a managerial position for over twenty five years and is currently retired and living in Miami. One of the very interesting aspects of this case is that eyewitnesses state that the objects morphed, or changed shapes as they paced the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954.

The plane had left Idlewild Airport, now JFK, in Queens, New York at 4:55 PM with Captain James Howard at the helm. He was an experienced pilot.

The planes route took it along the south shore of Long Island, and then north over Connecticut and Rhode Island. Dinner had passed, with some of the passengers asleep, when at 9:05 PM, Captain Howard first observed the UFOs.

He saw one large object, with six smaller UFOs. He immediately pointed out the unusual sight to his co-pilot, First Officer Lee Boyd, known for flying with the RAF Pathfinder Force during World War ll. Lee, however, had already seen the UFOs.

The objects, flying as a group, were about 5 miles from, and traveling parallel to the BOAC's flight path. The mother ship maintained the center position in the group, while the six smaller UFOs preceded and followed it, like escort and guard.

The UFO group followed the airliner for about 80 miles. From time to time, the mother ship appeared to change its shape; the six smaller UFOs changed positions as it did.

The crew contacted Goose Bay in Labrador, Canada to see if anything else was flying in their area. They received a negative response. Goose Bay sent a Royal Canadian Air Force fighter jet to investigate the BOAC sighting.

During this time, the mother ship had changed shape from its original pear shape to that of a phone receiver. Reports state that the object was the size of an ocean liner. Our eyewitness agrees with this description.

The list of witnesses grew rapidly; George Allen, navigating officer; Douglas Cox, radio officer; Dan Godfrey, engineering officer; and Bill Stewart, the other engineering officer who was also a veteran flyer with many flight hours logged aboard four-engine AVRO Lancaster bombers in World War II.

Stewardess Daphne Webster saw the UFOs, and later stated,"I have been flying for two years and have never seen anything like it before."

Objects Begin to Disappear

Shortly before the investigating jet arrived, the UFOs began to disappear. Captain Howard wondered what had happened to the unknown objects. According to George Allen, who had been watching them the whole time, "It looked to me as though they went inside the big one."

Howard told the jet pilot that the objects had disappeared, with the mother ship moving at great speed. The crew of 8, plus fourteen passengers had seen the UFOs for eighteen minutes, the time it took to cover the 80 miles.

Captain Howard wrote in the December 11, 1954 issue of Everybody's Weekly, "It was a solid thing. I'm sure of that, maneuverable and controlled intelligently--a sort of base ship linked somehow with those smaller attendant satellites. There is no rational explanation--except on the basis of space ships and flying saucers. On that basis, it must have been some weird form of space ship from another world."

Left-BOAC Stratocruiser...Right-Eye Witness A. C. Ticket for Flight

(click on images for full size)

The compelling account of crew and passengers of the BOAC airliner on June 29, 1954 gives us a look into the unknown...the unknown world of UFOs. This case has never been debunked by any conventional explanation. Only one conclusion remains. Intelligently controlled vehicles of unknown origin paced and observed the BOAC airliner for eighteen minutes for reasons unknown over the Atlantic Ocean.

(B J Booth)

Eye Witness A. C. Recalls Encounter

He was sitting on the Port side of the airplane, which would have been the same side as the Captain. There was nobody sitting in the seat next to him. He remembers seeing the strange objects out of the window.

He saw one large object with a number of small objects around it. He said he thought the description by the Captain in his article in "Everybody's" of an old fashioned telephone receiver with the hearing and speaking knobs facing up was an accurate depiction of what he saw.

However, he thought they looked small from his vantage point as he had no reference in the sky to accurately determine what the size of the objects were. He remembers that the passenger in the seat in front of him was also looking out of the window at the same time and they both commented about it.

He says that he does not remember any announcement from the flight deck (cockpit) or any mention from the stewards or stewardesses (flight attendants) about the strange objects.

He recalls that on that particular airplane there was an area with several sinks where people could wash up (unlike our solitary lavatories today) and he was in that area, having a shave before arrival, when the Flight Engineer also came in to have a wash up.

It was then that my Dad asked him about the unusual sighting and they had a brief discussion about it.

My Dad was working for BOAC in New York at the time. He was 26 years old (he is now 78 years old). He had been working for BOAC for approximately two years. My parents are both from England and my Mother and sister (I wasn't born yet) had gone to England for a month to visit with family.

My Dad was on his way to England to see them and then to bring them back home with him. Traveling in those days was considered a luxury and the only reason my parents could afford to do this was because of my Dad's employment with the airline. His roundtrip ticket cost only $52.20.

Shortly after my Dad's arrival in England he called a local newspaper "The Recorder, " and told them of his experience. The paper was distributed to the Romford, Hornchurch, Upminster areas. It was a weekly paper coming out on a Friday. The date of the paper where his article appeared is July 2, 1954.

On that Friday, he and my mother had gone by train from Romford to London to go to the theater and when they returned to Romford, as they were exiting the train station, there was a man on the corner selling newspapers yelling out the headline (which was customary then) "Romford Man Sees Flying Saucers"!

My Dad was quite surprised that he was the headliner and bought several of the newspapers.

(D. N.)

I would like to say a very special thanks to A. C.'s daughter and other members of their family for scanning all the images, and sending them to me. A big thanks to D. N. for being the go between in relating her father's compelling account of the events of June 29, 1954.


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We also find this sighting extremely interesting as it happed the same week as our families 1954 encounter. (UFO casebook) The sighting took place not that far from the Cabin my family was renting.
They were in Moose Head Lake Maine, (Now known as, “Moose Lake Resort”)
It was the weekend of June 27th when they arrived in Moose Lake Maine. My mother, Grandmother, Uncle and his girlfriend were all there for a week vacation after school let out.

What took place with the two teen girls, and one now my mother happed in two separate rooms on the same night with the two of them. We have spoken of this case at our conferences. This account with the passenger jet is what we think may have spawned our families involvement and or history. I as well as my mother would very much like to speak with anyone who was on that plane

Thomas Reed

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Hi Just found this , Very interested as the Stewardess was my Stepmother---didn,t have a lot of contact with her but she never mentioned it !!

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Interesting read.

Thanks Demobe.


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