2012 Apocalypse -- Postponed

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PostSun Oct 24, 2010 7:43 pm » by Elhoff

Thanks godsofatlantis, i also remember 2011 as the calander end, proposed in the 90's. This is just another date, like the year 2000 was the destruction of all computer chips because of an internal clock that would rollover the century count to zero thus screwing up everything with a chip.

Take another date of prediction, 1844, the year when Christ was to return, at the foot of Mt. Carmel (now in Isreal), with great power and glory. This was a Bible derived date (but not place) predicted carefully and taken seriously by several factions, such as the future "Seventh Day Adventists". Many people showed up at Mt, Carmel and awaited the arrival of the Son of G_d, and as Christ did not show up when and where predicted, it is called the Great Disappointment. Or perhaps he did show up afterall but in a different place than Mt. Carmel? Perhaps it was in a small town, Shiraz, in Persia, that he choose to declare himself as the return of the profit in 1844. You decide that one for yourself.

There are many things that can be attributed to the Mayans and their calendar such as elcipses of the Sun and Moon, the seasons, and their religious holidays, but predicting the end of the world is a bit much to attribute to a cruel civilization that practiced human sacrifice by the hundreds, if not thousands. Anyway i understand the real interpretation of this date is NOT the END of the world, but the beginning of a new long cycle, or epoch, important to the Mayans and only the Mayans.

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PostSun Oct 24, 2010 7:58 pm » by Seemychess

on december 22 2012 start day 1 of the new long count. please watch video


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PostSun Oct 24, 2010 7:59 pm » by lamonema

emeraldtruth wrote:Lemanema wrote: It may make one wonder if we haven't just come full circle, or is it a spiral?
To quote Carlin "circling the drain".
I'm a bit more optimistic myself but I am often reminded of the ending of the original Planets of the apes movie.
Ties into Lemas comment about 5 ages too.
Which reminds me I often think of Lord of the rings in this regard too.
Just what did Tolkien know?

End of a calendar doesn't mean end of the world btw, it could represent multiple things.
I'm sure most would agree it has some significance that it ends at all.
Some believe the earth will split into 2, 2 different vibrations or densities.
Let's not panic about it but neither am I overly complacent. Time will tell


hmmm? I don't recall even once, since joining this site, saying that i believe in any of the BS that has been predicted to happen in MOFOin 2012. I see cycles and patturns, i also recognize that there have been changes through "ERAS", to suggest any particular date is rediculous. Besides Sir issacc Newton went nuts and ended his prediction efforts on 2060. :lol: So no-one knows the exact date, because there is'nt one. The whole idea is to pay attention to where they said we will be at in the Galactic ecliptic, in this current ERA. So Were are we in relation to the Galactic ecliptic plane, are we currently north or south? :D By all means do tell?

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PostSun Oct 24, 2010 10:26 pm » by Shendao

kdosemjaz wrote:
shendao wrote:
seemychess wrote:it is not just the mayans but india egypt china i ching hopi indian lakota indian aborignal astrologers about 5200 years ago all saw the same thing and read it the same way. so get over with it. time and the shift is happening. into a better world .

Aztecs = December 24, 2011
Nostradamus = 3076
Age of Kali = 3671
Hopi = 'no exact date' (so neo's are bolting 2012 on for the cash)
Bon = no end date
Christianity = no end date
Islam = no end date
Judaism = no end daate
Buddism = way off in the future
China = no end date for the world, only the empire
Jehovahs Witness = keep postponing till it happens
Jains = no end
ad nauseum...

Of the 13 members of the Mayan Council only 1 proposed that calendar, the rest didn't agree (till the cash came in).

You people are just making dates fit your paradigm.

there is only one truth not 12 of them like you wrote

I know... it's called 'the one you choose to believe in', not, 'the one you shall all believe in'. :bang;
You are an immortal being, so stop freaking out about losing another body!

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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 5:27 am » by Kdosemjaz

you can not choose the truth man
but we can be blinded :cheers

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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 5:48 am » by Kdosemjaz

and the truth is that ther are Maya piramids and we can not built them in such accuracy from the stone with our tehnologi now

and the truth is that piramids are objects for measuring time

and the truth is that they predicts 2012

and the truth is that we all shall choose the Gregorian calendar for measuring the earth movemen around the sun
not the time it self

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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 5:52 am » by Harbin

ironshroom wrote:so you're saying i should pay back that loan!?
uh oh.

No, fuck the Apo-ka-lips, and fuck the loan too.

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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 6:03 am » by Kdosemjaz

ooo sorry i forgot

we must edd one day every 4 years to stay on time and one more every 400 years :alien51: :alien51: :alien51: :alien51:
yes we know :bang; if it is wrong add another day :banana: :banana:

OOO JEEA how lucky we are :dancing: :dancing:

go and spend your time wise and dont forget the Big Brother is waching you :shooting: :shooting: :shooting:

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PostMon Oct 25, 2010 12:24 pm » by Rich316

Their calendar was about consciousness. It looks like it was about stars and planets and eclipses etc... But we're still learning about all this.. It was about all that, BUT how all that effected us..

There is a slow shift towards left brain consciousness over the old era of right brain consciousness. This is happening slowly over time and is happening now. It simply marks the end of an epoch or era, one most likely dominated by banks and greedy tyrants... Now they all seem to be getting caught out.. Which I think is fitting.

I like Carls work, but dont believe time will end in 2011 or 2012... How else will souls incarnating here have a chance at growing? This is fundamental imo...

Nick Fiorenza talks about the 'healing crisis' here, a good read; http://www.lunarplanner.com/HolyCross.html#Healing%20Crisis

Slightly off topic but from the same site... awesome reading!

Unified Field Perception

The DNA is a double-banded molecular helix (a spiraling ladder) comprised of a hydrogen-bonded, phosphodiester (light-bearing) lattice (circuitry) that literally translates cosmic intelligence into human expression. The DNA is the "Urn of the Soul"--the vessel through which soul expresses. The coding of the incarnating soul overlays upon the genome (human coding) held in the molecular matrix of the DNA, giving soul a palpable form of expression.

Ideally, I propose, the DNA molecule is intended to superconduct consciousness in a way that illuminates the genetic urn, much like a light bulb that illuminates when electricity passes through its filament. When the bulb is on, we see light radiating from the bulb, when it is off, we see only the unillumined filament (circuitry) within the bulb--and are left in darkness. Our current view of the DNA molecule is of its un-illumined, double-banded, skeletal structure--of just the circuitry.

In the non-illumined genetic state, our DNA conducts consciousness but minimally, with consciousness bouncing in a reflective nature, trickling through the genetic lattice. This impeded flow of consciousness results in the bio-logical mode of reason, resulting only in the ability to compare opposites, mirror-image perspectives within our own perception--in essence, to be able only to reason our way through life. This is why we perceive a dualistic world of shadow and solid form--the reflection of the expression of our own consciousness. This is also why our human patterning dominates and aberates the expression of our true soul essence, as we frustratingly struggle to express our full potential that, despite our yearning to be somehow more that we are, seems endlessly held in check. This is also why we degenerate and prematurely die.

When the pole of the Earth tilted away from the plane of galactic light, circa 12,000 years ago, at the first, 90° precessional cross, incarnate souls began to experience the fall from light. At that time, the DNA helix dimmed, ceasing to pass Soul Essence Light, resulting in 12,000 years of temporal darkness. The 270° precessional cross occurring now, circa 2000 A.D., marks the return from temporal darkness into the divine half of the cycle, where the re-unification of consciousness begins.

At this time in Earth's precessional cycle, as Earth's pole re-orients back toward the plane of galactic light, the Earthgrid Activation Sequence begins to shatter the crystallized shadows within our cellular makeup that were created by our past, un-integrated, incarnational experience. The relinquishment of this tension (resistance to experience) held in our cellular matrix allows a relaxation and reorientation to occur in the light-bearing circuitry of the DNA (in the atomic moment of hydrogen). The DNA in turn begins to superconduct consciousness. An eventual avalanche of consciousness through the genetic urn literally illuminates the skeletal lattice of the DNA into one, radiant, unified spiral of light. As this occurs, our bio-logical modality of comparison (judgment) ceases, and we begin to participate from "Unified Field Awareness." In this new, bio-illumined mode of awareness, we see beyond the conflicts that were inherent in the un-illumined, dualistic, bio-logical mode of the DNA--beyond the shadow cast upon our mortal eyes. We become unified with the truth of our Goodness / Godliness as Illumined Beings fully aware in the wisdom of our Divinity (undivided nature).

Thus, the illumination and re-awakening of human consciousness occurs in a time-locked process synchronized with Earth's precessional cycle. The "Astronomical Earthgrid Activation Sequence" and the "DNA Illumination Sequence" comprise one entwined spacetime sequence of evolutionary unfoldment. Earth's Precessional Cycle of the Holy Cross governs the "Evolutionary Cycle of the Soul"--the evolutionary process of the entire soul collective on Earth.

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PostTue Oct 26, 2010 12:09 pm » by Kdosemjaz


then this may be true :sunny:

program comming to THE END :sunny:



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