2012 Early Warning Prophecy about the SUN Coming True!

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PostWed Feb 10, 2010 6:31 pm » by Dank1

dourselfafavor wrote:DANK you hit it on the head ! don't claim to be a prophet, for one the bible warns against false prophets , for two I am skeptical all together , for three DANK said so ........... lol...... you have been bitch slapped............

once again wonderful words spoken from a true poet( i pictured blank man gettin bitch slapped) :flop: did u get my apoligy? i posted it in that thread way back for every one to see

And oh about your avatar DAnk I will only eat the poor if she is ok looking........

JOKE...don't take me serious.
i don't speak dumbfu@k and i don't understand it either!

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PostWed Feb 10, 2010 6:32 pm » by Dank1

wtf? my message isin there some where :ohno:once again wonderful words spoken from a true poet( i pictured blank man gettin bitch slapped) :flop: did u get my apoligy? i posted it in that thread way back for every one to see
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i don't speak dumbfu@k and i don't understand it either!

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PostWed Feb 10, 2010 6:33 pm » by Dourselfafavor

dank1 wrote:wtf? my message isin there some where :ohno:

well if you look hard enough you might find it ..............hahahha

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PostWed Feb 10, 2010 6:38 pm » by Dank1

eat the poor
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i don't speak dumbfu@k and i don't understand it either!

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PostWed Feb 10, 2010 10:26 pm » by 2012theprophet

dank1 wrote:2012prophet: i not attacking you or trying to insult your inteligence but..
when i see or hear someone claiming to be a prophet then im filled with doubt
especiall if your linking scienc to yourself and your thread.
if your a prophet then your argument should be "it's gods will" not "here's the science so check it out"
there are to be many false prophet's and i hope you are a real prophet that you claim to be
if not , well we'll save that for another day, i thought i'd be more clear as to why i posted what i did, im not being noobish but when i see you perform a miracle then ill follow you. :cheers:

Please... let there be NO misunderstanding...
I am not looking for a single follower!
I am only here
to share as a messenger... Visions and encouage
others to prepare
for survival now against the coming climate and earthly disasters coming today, tomorrow,
next week, month and into the future... All HUMANITY will know them!
---------now as far as the MIRACLE------ Please see info shared below----
Lets see a miracle. How easy to ask for.
I didn't ask. I said PROVE TO ME... then demanded!

I received that telephone call... and was told
the dear sweet lady of a loving family was
laying in a coma and would not make it through the night.
And, I was asked to come and give her a blessing.
I did.
There she lay. This little body. Eyes closed. Hardly breathing.
I was told it would be soon.. some time that evening... the end would come.
The tears swelling in my eyes.
I laid my hands on her sweet head and began to pray and then (like you) DEMANDED a a MIRACLE.
Braggedly, saying, I do all you ask of me NOW RESTORE this dear sweet Mother
and let her return to her family, this is what I WANT, prove to me YOU CAN!

A short time later... after... I had returned home...
I received a call from the hospital... AND.. wow!!!
And, someone on the other end of the line was MAD at me!
A voice YELLING get HER BACK HERE... You shouldn't have taken her out of here!
Bring her back here! And, the voice went on yelling.

Well, the Dear Lady, that little sweet Mother woke up from the coma! Some how gotten up from
from her death bed... in her hospital gown.. then manage to catch a bus (at night)
in Los Angeles, Ca (USA) and traveled over 30 miles (to Baldwin Park, CA) home to her family.

Now, this all sounds so wonderful... except for the fact... that back in those days..
LUNG Cancer was not really known... how to treat... and she'd been the hospital for kidney problems.
But, anyway for the entire NEXT YEAR... IN FRONT OF HER FAMILY... SHE SUFFERED
In TERRIBLE Pain....always coughing blood - bled and died in front her FAMILY from another ILLNESS...
She'd never had a peaceful moment of happiness.... nor her FAMILY.... THEY ALL SUFFERED...
BUT... I DEMANDED... Saying, "PROVE TO ME!" And... I got MY MIRACLE!
Be careful what you ask for. ..You have NO IDEA how many decades
I have regreted... saying prove to me... GIVE ME A MIRACLE... and then I'll really believe!
To this very day I can still shed and do ... tears over my TERRIBLE mistake!

Me, been involved in many miracles since then. But, never without asking his will not mine be done.
Until told differently... my responsibilities are to share visions and messages to encouraging others
to prepare for survival from the coming weather and earth
related calamities of today, tomorrow, next week, month on thru any time necessary.

Note: I wasn't given a bag of Magic Tricks...
And, for SURE... I don't work Miracles! .......You are asking the wrong one!
.....But, if your heart is in the right place and you really do need a miracle - Humbly ask the right one!........
And, don't be to surprised when you receive a lot more than you expected.


David 2012 The Prophet

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PostWed Feb 10, 2010 11:42 pm » by Bahb3

I'm wishing they haul you off to a prison for fear mongering....or a mental institution.

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PostThu Feb 11, 2010 12:56 am » by Dank1

bahb3 wrote:I'm wishing they haul you off to a prison for fear mongering....or a mental institution.

ROFLMAO (bump)
2012: im not demanding anything from you nor do i want to follow anybody but if theres some big ass meteor coming towards earth and you put your hands up and shout "begone " and it goes then i might have the proof i need to become truly humbled , and i might follow you, but only to see what other miracles you can accomplish so i can sell the movie that i make from it
( hey im human and materialistic )
i don't speak dumbfu@k and i don't understand it either!

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PostFri Feb 12, 2010 1:39 am » by Freedomofwill

I think we shouldn't be preparing for an event like that. I believe something eventually will unfold but not in a disastrous way. People are preparing for the wrong things.

Believe it or not people NWO, 2012, Solar flares, Corrupt government, Aliens, UFO's are all just common knowledge. If its common knowledge its what the government wants you to think. All this is purely a distraction from what the government dosn't want you to know. Whether or not it is for the good of man kind I don't know. Sometimes secret society's start out and are working for humans, and doing things for the good of man kind but just eventually gets corrupt. So it can go either way.

They don't want you to know you can lives your lives without fear, and you can live you lives the way you want to live them, and that you can do anything you want, and accomplish your dreams. But of course right now slowly knowledge is coming out that is helping us in a way to be able to do these things. Have a look around and you will see what i mean.

Or its something else entirely. If its common knowledge, then its not really a secret isn't it? Don't forget the media makes things out to be negative or scarey, and then a day later they say oh this secret bank meeting is just an anniversary not an emergency meeting. Think about it.

So my theory is all this bullshit is spread around by false prophets to scare us, and to keep us in line. But it dosn't hurt to prepare for events. But we are preparing for the wrong event entirely.

Nothing to do with aliens, nothing to do with 2012, nothing to do with the government, its something else entirely, and its beyond aliens.

That's all I have at this stage.

I am happy you have picked up on the Bible warns against prophets. Simple reason is prophets are the reason why events happen, because they believe they really will happen. Common examples of people believing the world would end and they commit suicide. Many Instances of this has happened. That's why I am against prophets, people get so scared and commit suicide because they don't want to face events they believe would happen. We live even after we die, I think its a safe bet we should all prepare for things beyond life rather than just in our own life time. Prepare to live for eternity rather than a lifetime.

Some people have even taken revelations literally and have gone to Israel to make sure it happens in their lifetime. That's why America is supportive of Israel because it is in revelations.

No one can really see what will happen in the future, they can only predict it, or see the possibilities. Your fate is your own not anyone else. Or of course just make it happen.

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PostMon Jan 10, 2011 1:35 pm » by Cambay411

So prophet your "TV Show" will not benifit from all the 2012 hype? SOund like with all this stuff you mention below you would have some benifit from the 2012 hype. Im not sayin I know you and im not sayin you do benifit from the hype. I am just saying understand where we come from.

2012theprophet wrote:
freedomofwill wrote:Hmmmm
you know what's going to happen to you if this dosn't end up being true? Telling people to bunker up now aye????

What makes you think that there will be some kind of major disaster thats going to happen between now and 2012??? The sun has been the quietest last year, and people were saying the same thing about the year 2000.

Most people who say they aren't after money usually are as well, and most people that promote 2012, and catasrophies are after money as well.

I've done my research mate, and all the 2012 crap is all western based, and is all there just to scare everyone away.

I've been told such and such is going to happen and guess what??? It dosn't end up happening.

By the way if the world is really going to end I'd rather die knowing I've done something good with my life rather than being scared and hiding away trying to survive, because If I was given a $1 every time someone said the world it was going to end I would be rich right now.

quote: "Telling people to bunker up aye???" hmm? And you say you done your research and haven't made it past this thread... ! That's called being a liar! You don't know the first thing about the years in town halls meeting, radio, my own TV show, Major News Media CNN - United Cable, ABC, BBC and more I dedicate to asking asking decent folks to prepare for survival against any Catastrophic Events that will be coming at them including the year 2012 is not telling people to bunker up! And, NEVER ONCE have I told anyone in the WORLD was coming to and end. Whew! YOU do have mental problems!
Quoting you: "2012 crap is all western based"... And you say you've done your research... whew! From the long neck end of a bottle... a lot of lies come from there I imagine... you may just know a lot about that! Tell it to the Sumerians and Egyptians!
Quoting you again... "Most people who say they aren't after money usually are as well"... whew! Never once have I asked for so much as a penny for anyone else. Coming from provery as a child and then serving my Nation in a couple of wars... I kind of like having worked for my living and am now retired. ...And, during my time on earth I think you will be very hard pressed to find one single person who has ever donated a cent to me for anything but the labor or work I accomplished in fields having absolutely nothing to do with caring and sharing for the innocent and never having to do with helping others prepare to survive. GAWD! Where is your heart???
...You do live a sad life... generally like you it takes EXPERT of the subject of decite to know what they are talking about... as you have proven ...you are a liar!... You do accuse others and myself.... without having researched nor putting up so much as an ounce of proof... without knowing what's in my
heart and how I love the innocent and believe it is the responsibility of all decent people to help protect and keep them
from being under attacks from cruel and evil individual such as yourself. hmm! I have to knock this off answering idiots like you the ... Naysayers such as yourself are just untrustworthy keyboard cowards who always end up being the desperate who even turn on their own families.

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PostMon Jan 10, 2011 1:57 pm » by Symbolon

The world is not coming to an end in 2012, and you will see 2013, I guarantee it. This spoon fed doom-hype is pure nonsense.


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