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2012 and the burgeoning of the Luciferic Age.

How in name of spirituality has the ancient Maya been able to call the whole world to stop and look to them? How can they grab the attention of billions and join ancient calendars with modern science? How have they caused millions to look at and point to 2012, expecting a massive spiritual explosion? How indeed!
Are the current calm, quiet and peaceful Mayan people the same as the Maya of the past? Do they know their history? Do we? There is no question that the world is infected with 'everything Mayan' and everything '2012' But why the cover up of the holocaust of thousands of horrid human sacrifices? The spiritually driven Mayan culture, calendars and temples… seems to be a twirling 'vortex' sucking in old occultism, mystery school revelation, deep new age spirituality......and with an incredible ability to cover its blood soaked footprints.
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