2012 short briefing for new FEAR mongers

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 11:53 pm » by Gunzenbomz

2020vision wrote:Big statement

Here is another one, you seem like the sort of person I will like. Given enough time, just because I haven't spent hundreds of hours in DTV-forums. Shouldn't detract from me been a member for quite sometime or very much a helper for positive movement of knowlegde!

I had decided to pursue my own level of information, rather than been fed ideas from others. I am prepared to be wrong. What I see as 'Alien Teachers' might well be god to others or total nonsense.

Only time will tell, less than 675 odd days..till you & others can legitimately call me names.

I did enjoy the exohuman link you provided on the lake thread.


Take care 2020 :hmmm:

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PostWed Mar 02, 2011 3:04 pm » by Gunzenbomz

I WAS WRONG, UNREAL...dec21-2012 is when Niburi leaves the solar system...

Upload to Disclose.tv

WATCH THIS GUYS&GALS! unreal..I was duped but now I see..we have only a matter of weeks before the shite really starts traveling up the planet. When niburi will cause huge tidal waves to slowly migrate over & up the planets surface. It might also cause multiple tidal waves...

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PostWed Mar 02, 2011 4:24 pm » by Fukisrael2012

the end of fuking lucefer
and fuk kin christ of israel

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PostWed Mar 02, 2011 4:50 pm » by Cassiopeia

gunzenbomz wrote:
Atlantean priests from bygone days
lost science of a previous age
entrust the indigenous with a clue
of their survival 9,792

When stars move & earth quakes
sleeping volcanoes soon awake
whatever falls beneath the sea
is replaced by new lands freed

Tidal waves deluge entire lands
unsinkable boats able to withstand
foresight floated them safely to shore
knowledge they carried like previous ore

Knew of the coming 2012
no worse disaster civilization befell
Pyramids warn us of impending doom
When in like precession Venus retrograde loops

A message timeless carved in stone
from the past of yesterday for centuries known
Ego has never inclined an ear
the end of our age is very near

Earth, Sun, align with black hole rift
solar flares, detaching crust & polar shift
New land rises while old lands falls
the crust re-attaches & water covers all

When planets from their appointed paths stray
after 3,600 years from far away
A second Sun will appear above the Earth
Bringing scorching heat galactic rebirth

Cataclysm after every age
traps the ego in its rage
If only spiritualism had been kept alive.
no one at age end would have died

Indigo thoughts provide us wings
to transcend death disaster bring
Each new age purifies & renews
Until freed by Spirituality's truth

Oh yes, because a true Cherokee poem would happen to rhyme in English. This comes as near as anything can to offending my useless ego.
You are me and I am you; I'll always be with you.

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PostWed Mar 02, 2011 5:03 pm » by Boondox681


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PostWed Mar 02, 2011 5:27 pm » by Svaha

There is no beginning, no end in anything.
All power moves in circles, circles/cycles have no begin or end, what they do have is a center, a singularity, meaning the cycle goes on at another level.

The Mayan calendar does not end just like the yuga's don't end, just continue on another level.
What does happen (my opinion) is that there are rough times ahead, specially the coming 260 days, the universal step, because now the universe comes into 'our' perspective, the 'drama' of the heavens is in the replay.
Many realy basic fears are touched here, for instance nothing can be done to stop let's say the famous planet X, it's beyond our powers. No reason to fear these things, deal with it when it actualy happens, if it happens.

It is however necessary to take some actions to prepare yourself in case things happen that can be foreseen just by rational thinking, for instance to have some food for yourself or your family, means of survival, because for instance power outages happened in the past and seem to increase.

Ow yes Boon, forgot the popcorn (sweet for me)
Follow your bliss(ters) - Joseph Campbell

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PostWed Mar 02, 2011 10:08 pm » by Richc

Anyone else in the UK noticed which films they have been showing nearly every day on the Sky Movie channels...??

In the next 24 hours.....( and i only looked at the afternoon and evening times. )

Aliens in the Attic,
The Day The Earth Stood Still ( 2008 )
District 9,
Terminator 2,
Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York,
Nature Unleashed: Tornado,

And a few other lower budget ones.

If Deep Impact is shown in the next week then im gunna get worried. :think:

"Theres A Storm Coming!"

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PostSat Mar 05, 2011 12:23 pm » by Gunzenbomz

I'm glad no one really took off with my last little 'fear' post. lol

Look the key is to go within yourself, do kundalini meditation...the key is, too send our heart-love into Earth. We must console the doomsayers & naysayers, the elite need to hide...that's what they do when they are in trouble (World-wide meditation synchronized by the web is going to help our cause).

Oneness is the key, learn about been calm & truly love]


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