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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 3:52 am » by Djinn

Hey all
I consider myself "noob" in regard of this question/theory, but it seems pretty blown up.
Or is it?
In case somebody don't know or didn't hear it's about the end of the world. OR the world as we know it.

Anyway, I just want to start a thread so I can see you, - dedicated "2012:ers" - what you have to say about this.
And maybe someone can tell us more precisely where the idea originated from.

Should we all buy supplies and bury ourselves under ground? ;)

Consider this thread a thread about 2012 in general, what do you think will happen?
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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 3:38 pm » by Grey

Hey Djinn.... I guess this thread will become a long one over the next months ;-)

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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 5:56 pm » by Djinn

Hey Gray :)
Yea I hope so. I find the subject interesting. But I don't know that much about it - hoped someone could enlighten me and others about it.

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PostSat Apr 19, 2008 8:11 pm » by Dyflexis

Nice topic to start with! The date is really woven into history and mystery. In my research of esoteric topics I came along this one many times, these are point I consider when thinking of this magical date (i'm not an expert on the subject though).

This magical date seems to mark the end of the Mayan calendar. They measured some sort of time, and they reasoned that after the end of this cycle (ending 11 december 2012) their calenders would become obsolete.

On the other hand you there is some form of global consensus about the fact that we live in some sort of end-times. This was 'foreseen' and prophesized by biblical figures. Jordan Maxwell argued that, the bible being 'The Greatest Astrological Story Ever Told', these end-times referred to end of the Age of Pisces, being followed by the Age of Aquarius.

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PostSun Apr 20, 2008 12:50 am » by Estanislao

A lot of things are going down on [ Dec. 21], 2012.
1) The planet Nibiru (planetX) is going to slingshot through the inner solar system
2) Our solar system enters the galatic plane (causing a frequency evolution)
3) The Mayans enter the last age of ether
4) The Malachi prophecies come to pass
5) Church prophecy comes to pass
6) UFO disclosure comes to pass
7) The elites NWO comes to pass
8) Mass eugenics come to pass (approx 4 billion die/killed)

#1 and 2 are primary.
• Nibiru is a brown dwarf or unborn/burned out star. It is the size of Neptune and highly magnetic. We've only had electricity for a few hundred years but EVERYTHING is based on it. This means the computer scare of 2001 will be real (I think it was just a drill)
• Nibiru has moons and massive debris fields, I'm sure we'll get a sprinkling. This means the movies 'Deep Impact' will be real.
• And Nibiru will affect our planet to its core. Meaning there will most likely be a 'pole-shift'. This means earth changes. This means hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and mayhem.
• Our earth frequency is dramatically rising. From 7.8hz a decade ago to almost 9 hz now, I'm thinking it may end up around 16hz. This could be enough to cause a macro evolution of our DNA. The higher the frequency the more DNA is activated. Like our brains, we only currently access a small % of our DNA strands.
• Experiments have found DNA to be highly transformative and malible. [The laser turning a salamander into a frog] experiment.

These are interesting and unique times. But to be witness will be to get through hell alive. The elites are going to be merciless.

My X-Brief is free on-line. It needs to be updated, but it's informative:

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PostSun Apr 20, 2008 4:32 am » by Dmtshaman

There are many ideas as to what will happen on 2012, from the apocolypse to harmonic conversion. But the main concept that threads all the ideas together is that something is going to change, whether its our minds,soul or DNA...something of importance shall arise of this. The sun will block the center of the milky way galaxy, which some believe to be the source of the "program" or archetypes. Imagine your alarm clock keeping track of time, suddenly the power goes off for a brief second, its still there and still operates but the time has been reset to default 12:00. That is what i believe will happen to us...the operating system will crash and restart to....? I like Terence McKennas idea of this change, we will dive into the imagination. If you have no imagination developed by this time then not much will change for you, but if you have a very active imagination then the sky will not be the limit but the begining of a new age of consciousness. Why is it that the psilocybin mushroom leads us to the notion of a great change? All the answers we seek will not be found in a linguistic form but from the depths of the imagination and the experiences we bring upon ourselves. Life can not continue the path its on now, led by the male ego dominator. 2012 will be the death of this parasite that has taken over this world and all the people in it....but this is only my theory. Nobody knows for sure, but everyone can create a new future...one thought at a time.
...If the words "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isnt worth the Hemp its written on...

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PostSun Apr 20, 2008 9:39 am » by Harlekin

This cycle (of thirteen tun) will begin in 1999 and may have to do with the emergence of some kind of self-generating global computer intelligence. In the same way as the written language was used only by a small part of the human population 13 x 202 tun ago, and is only today something that the whole world is in possession of, we may assume that the possibility that will emerge in 1999 will make a start that is relatively little noticed and then rapidly spread across the planet to prepare for the end of the cycle in 2011.

We have now recently entered the Galactic Creation Cycle whose wave movement is more exactly and extensively discussed in The Mayan Calendar. In the First DAY of this cycle an awareness spread widely that humanity had entered a new civilization, a new economy, with a change whose scope could only be compared to that of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-18th century. The emergence of this new civilization was seen primarily as a result of the computerized IT revolution.

Such observations of a new civilization are very accurate, but what most people fail to realize is that the emergence of this was predictable from the Mayan calendar, and in fact had already been predicted. The Information Technology is as much a part of the cosmic plan as was once the invention of writing or the invention of the telegraph. The IT civilization has however been prepared for during the entire Fourth World of the Planetary Underworld that began in 1947, when also the first computers were invented.

Thus things do not appear out of nothing � they are prepared for by underlying Worlds. But in exactly the same way as the seeds of the industrial civilization were planted during the first katun, 1755-1775, of the Planetary Cycle, the first seeds of the new IT civilization came to be planted during the first tun of the Galactic Cycle (January 5, 1999 - December 30, 1999). The IT gurus are thus completely right in emphasizing how dramatic the changes taking place now are. The First Heaven in 1999 ruled by Xiuhtecutli, was only the very beginning and there is more to come. What seems absolutely clear is that this new frame of consciousness, and the technology associated with it, will develop according to the pulse wise pattern of Seven DAYS and six NIGHTS.

All of Creation will be completed with the Universal Cycle in the year 2011 when all Underworlds will have attained the tzolkin energy of 13 Ahau. Reaching this day-sign no filters will be blocking our vision of divine LIGHT or communication with the divine. No longer will the human being be puppets of the cycles of creation. We will then come to live in the New Jerusalem, the Tent of God, having reached Enlightenment after completing the 108 movements of Shiva and climbed the Nine Underworlds. The True Life will begin.

@Dmtshaman: You videos are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing these with us.

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PostSun Apr 20, 2008 10:19 am » by Darkspark

Hey everyone!

There is a lot of information out about 2012, and i think it's important to not build your life on one, all or even none of them! But keep our minds very open to possabilities.

One of the more interesting thoughts ( I think) about 2012, is the idea that we will leap forward in our evolution! I also think it's interesting how there could be evidence of this happening in our past ( the missing link in our evolution from apes)

There is also the talk about december 12 2012 being the center of a time frame of "important time" and we will gradually move into something new or bigger.

As i say, it's important to keep our minds open to all ideas, no matter how ludicrous.

- Dark Spark

P.S Also chuffed about this whole forum, will be good to converse with others on these subjects!
You are the spirit, your ego is the test!

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PostSun Apr 20, 2008 11:56 pm » by Harlekin

These were just uploaded today...

Michael Tsarion on 2012 and Photon Belt


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PostTue Apr 22, 2008 12:16 am » by Eagle

I don't think anything major will happen.

Here are some things thats suposed to happen since 2800BC.


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