#22. God's Last Prophet, A Homeless Man

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The following is a true story.

I was living with my wife and two daughters in Jan 2006 in Grand Junction, CO.

I had recently been swept over by a wave of spirituality. I had picked up the bible,
and for the first time in my life, it was interesting and compelling. Never, had I been
someone who went to church, finding those folk mostly hypocritical.

But I had decided to join a small local Baptist church to participate in their bible study

It was during this time of overwhelming spirituality that I decided to help out a homeless
person, for Jesus said, "do it to the least of them, and you have done it to me"

I knew of a park in downtown GJ where the homeless hung out, and I was headed down
to find a homeless person to bring back to my home, and treat them like a guest for
a day. You know, hot shower, hot meal, clean laundry, maybe a little money.

As I was headed towards the park, I crossed the CO river and a voice in my head
said look to the right. There was a man laying on a bench down by the river.

So I pulled off the road to go speak to him. I remember thinking, as I walked up to him,
I hope he's not dead. It was Jan and it had got around zero degrees the night before, and
down by the river it felt even colder.

As I approached him, he sat up. He was an older black man, with a long beard. He had
icicles in his beard. I asked him if he'd like a hot meal and a hot shower, and he said yes.

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As he got up, he stumbled a bit, and I assumed he was drunk (he was not)
When he got into my truck, he didn't stink. He has a large pack attached to
one of those wheeled suitcase strollers.

He was tall, about my height, and he had a kind face. He appeared to be very
physically fit, lean, but powerful. He told me his name was Bill.

When I got him home, I offered up the bathroom for a hot shower, and I threw in
a load of clothes for him. Then I made him a hot plate of tuna helper. After the shower
he greatly accepted the meal, but refused the soda I offered him. He wanted water instead.

It was at this time I started to talk to him. I had not been drinking alcohol for at least a year, so I felt I was in a good position to listen if he had a drinking problem. It became obvious to me that he wasn't drunk, or on drugs as he was clear, and concise. He said he had been travelling as a homeless man for 27yrs!, He had recently walked from Las Vegas down to Flagstaff, AZ and back up to GJ. He had tried to stay at a Christian homeless shelter, but they had refused him.

After a bit of light conversation, I gave him a nice backpack I had, he accepted with appreciation, and I thought he might be on his way. It was then that he asked me if
he could stay for a couple of days, and he would do some yard work or something to help out.

At the time, I was a self employed electrician, and I had a garage that I needed help wiring, so I took him to an older motorhome we had parked out back, and offered it to him as some temp housing. To my emberassment, the motorhome was a mess. My daughters had been playing in it, and it showed. I went a got him a vacuum, vcr, and a microwave.

My wife was at work, and daughters at school. I was trying to figure out how I was going to break this to my wife.

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When I went back to the motorhome, to my amazement, it was spotless. I still don't know how
he got it so clean, so quick. I left him there to go pick up my wife. The fuel pump in her jeep had gone out, and I had it in my shop with the gas tank dropped.

When I picked up my wife, and told her we had a homeless man at our house, to my complete surprise, she was completely accepting. Whaaa?

We stopped on the way back home, bought a few nice steaks, and a bottle of red wine. I was already starting to realize there was something different about Bill, and I couldn't wait to find out more.

That night, Bill supped with us, at our dinner table. I had a couple of glasses of wine, for the first time in over a year. During our dinner, I came right out and asked him, "are you Jesus"?

He said, "I will say this, I am the only one truly connected to God". I thought, this is going to be a wild ride.

After dinner, we retired to the living room with the rest of the bottle of wine. This is when he told me that Mary Magdalene was the mother of Jesus. At the time, the DaVinci Code had just came out, and there was great debate about Jesus and Mary having a child, carrying on the holy bloodline. Bill was specific about this. No, Mary Magdalene was in fact the mother of Jesus. King Herod had ordered all the babies under two to be killed, trying to eliminate Jesus, so Mary had taken a page out of the story of Moses and journeyed to the Nile were she put Jesus in a basket to float down the river. Jesus, according to Bill, was picked up by an wealthy Egyptian family, and this is were Jesus received his etiquitte and speaking abilities.

At the age of 13, Jesus returned to Jerusalem and his family. I was during his time in Egypt that he would meet two Italians, who were later crucified on the cross with Jesus. Bill was
miffed that the Bible had not included more about the two Italians. Bill also said he was a
"third party" at the crucifixion.

I asked him how old he was, he said he was 67, but chronologically, he was #22. He said the domino effect set into play by King Herod would fail, because the last domino would not fall.

This was the first night. Bill stayed for a month.

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The next morning, I hadn't seen Bill come out of the motorhome yet, and I had put the
new fuel pump in the tank of the Jeep, and I was struggling getting the tank back up into
place because I hadn't completely drained the tank. He came into the shop, and laid down to help me. It was like suddenly that stupid tank just went into place. I was stunned.

I asked him. "As one truly connected to God, do you offer any comfort to the people?"

He said, I am God's last prophet, and I have many things, but people have never listened, or believed. Your the first in 27 yrs to treat me with respect and dignity."

He said, "you know how when you get battery acid on you shirt, and it eats through the shirt, but not your skin?" I knew exactly what he was talking about. I had worked in a salvage yard in my younger years, and had had this very thing happen several times.

He said, "If you dilute the battery acid with hydrogen peroxide, and inject it into a cancer tumor, and it will kill the tumor without harming the surrounding tissue. It needs to be done in a lab environment to get the mixture just right. But when the mixture is right, and you put it in an aerosol can, spray it on your skin and it will completely eradicate skin cancer, without harming the healthy tissue."

Later research to my amazement revealed that battery acid is actually sulfuric acid, better known by alchemists as VITRIOL, or the philosopher's stone. To this day I use hydrogen peroxide for everything from burns, cuts, scrapes, to teeth cleaning and bath water.

Not only does peroxide kill all bad bacteria, but it oxygenates surrounding cells. Amazing stuff. My wife's aunt died of cancer a couple of years ago, and try as I might , I couldn't get
her to try the cure. I basically was laughed at. I guess I'll have to wait to get cancer myself to test it on myself. My father died from cancer when I was 15. I tried asking about it on a medical forum, but they closed my thread and banned me.

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Bill then started to tell me about a few things that would make the world a better place.
He said, "in the future, cars will travel on a cushion of air. Hybrid cars will use two battery
pack, one charging while the other is being used to operate the car.'

He said, "why don't they convert oil tankers to water haulers and capture some of the ice breaking off of Greenland, then pump it from the tanker to dry lands to irrigate the lands. And
they should divert Victoria fall to irrigate that region of Africa. The global effects would be profound. And there is something hidden under the ice of Greenland."

I asked him, "how does the future of mankind look?"

He said, "the future is bright, but we are like a stuck accelerator in a car. If we don't get
it unstuck, we are going to crash"

As you can imagine, by now I was completely fascinated by this man. I had been posting in a Christian forum about bible subjects, so I asked if I could post about him. He said yes.

I posted the story, and shortly after I was attacked, and they called Bill a false prophet, and warned me about believing in him, and cosequently banned me. WTF? The "Christians" weren't even interested in hearing the man out. Fucking hypocrites. A few months later, I joined Above Top Secret and posted the story about Bill in the BTS section. Here's a link to the original thread.

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Later that day, Bill went with me to wire the garage. He was good help. I paid him $8 hr
cash and I always paid him at the end of the day. We got into a conversation later that
day about the sine wave. I was explaining it to him, but I got the feeling he knew far more
about it than me, and that it was important.

After I paid him, I took him to the grocery store so he could get supplies. He bought lots of
cups of noodle, and fruit. He never bought alcohol. He drank water, or tea. He said tea is very good for you. He never touched soda.

I bought him a six pack of Corona beers. Two weeks later he had drank two of the beers, so I brought him the "Passion of the Christ" movie by Mel Gibson, and we sat in the motorhome, watched the movie and finished the beers. He LOVED the movie. When they showed those people gnashing their teeth at Christ after he was arrested, he said, "where did they get those people. They are not actors" He was particularly interested when Mary came up and wiped Jesus' face with a white cloth, imprinted his face on the cloth. We got into a short conversation about the shroud of Turin, which he said was real, and then said that there is a great secret hidden in Turin.

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The next day, I took him to a thrift store. I used to (and still do) frequent thrift stores,
yard sales, etc to buy books that I sell on an online store. It's a great and fun second

Anyways, instead of buying clothing, or things he may need, he purchase two VHS movies.
One about about the story of Doubting Thomas, and the story about Jesus returning. It was a well done movie, by the LDS I think, but one part where Jesus saves the adultress from stoning, Jesus squats down and draws a symbol in the dirt. It was the sine wave symbol!

The other movie was a Power Rangers movie about an evil scientist that collaborates with people from the future to create a virus to wipe out mankind. Bill looked at me after watching this as if he were giving me a stern warning that this was actually happening. Today, I believe that the scientist Craig Venter fits this prophetic warning.

I wrote a thread on the Icke forum about Venter that should scare the crap out of people

Bill said that during one of his long walks, he passed by an area near Corona, NM where he heard a strange humming. He also said that Corona is the location when the Roswell saucer actually crashed.

We got into some discussion about ancient history. He said the pyramids were built using scaffolding and much of the pyramids are actually concrete. He said when they had to put into place the massive granite blocks, they used large stone ball bearings that travelled in grooves to put the block into place. He said God has left the pyramids in place as a mystery for man to solve.

Bill said the statues on Easter Island were quarried far away from the island and they used long boats to hall the statues to the island, where they dug big holes to stand the statues.

Bill said an underworld exists and the Mayan pyramids are entrances to the underworld.

Bill spoke about Atlantis, and how they had conquered space travel, and it had something to do with Helium, because they were travelling to Saturn to mine it.

He said there are people from Saturn that are living amongst us, and there is a silent war between the good people from Saturn and the bad. He said Saturn is a beautiful place
and the atmosphere is mostly Helium, but it is breathable by humans.

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Bill had many stories about his travels. He had something in his backpack, that I
was never allowed to see. But he never let that pack out of his sight.

He drove a taxi in DC. He picked oranges in Florida, He stayed in
a guys garage in Cali. He got badly beat up somewhere in Iowa, and
that's why he wobbled when he got up at the bench when I first met him.

He said that if they were to do a cat scan on him, people would believe him because
they would see he should be alive. Later, I took him to the hospital to get a cat scan,
but they wanted $2000, which I didn't have. I took and indiginious (poor peoples) application to get a free cat scan, but they wanted all kinds of info. Bill had very little personal items, like a SSN or Drivers License. So I took him to the SSN office (man was that a lesson in patience), then we called back to South Carolina were he was born, and requested a copy of his birth cert so that we could get him a new drivers license.

Meanwhile, the story just kept getting more bizarre. One day, I went to the motorhome to get him. Normally, I knocked, but I had just seen him, so I didn't know. What I saw is difficult to explain. He was materializing. I was rather shaken, and I quickly exited the motorhome. He came out to me and explained that there are multiple dimensions and that he travels between them at will.

I then askes him, "Why me? What is my part in this?"

He said, "You did the right thing at the right time. You are a partner in this"

I asked him, "How am I going to get people to believe this story?"

He said, "Don't worry about making people believe, just tell the story. Watch the
news, and you will see changes. It's like a mustard seed. Such a small seed, can
grow into a massive plant"

One day, the news was carrying the story about Dick Cheney shooting his hunting buddy, and he was rather shaken and angry. He said that it was a warning to him, and then something about he knew Cheney when he was growing up in a place called Jacob Hollow, and something similar had happened.

He said the govt knows about him, and they have caused an entire restaraunt to get food poisoning just to try to get at him. I became slightly concerned for the safety of my family after that, and started seeing suspicious vehicles drive by the house. Things started to get a bit more serious, and I got the feeling that time was getting short.

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One night, a couple of weeks into Bill's stay, my wife had a dream. She dreamt that Bill and I were standing naked together and then we like twisted up into the sky. She was rather shaken by this dream, and started to become afraid that I was going to leave with him. She later starting having dreams about how to Kill Bill.

My wife and I started to argue. I wanted Bill to stay, she wanted him to leave. He had alway been very polite, good with the girls, and I trusted him completely. But my wife almost got evil.
It was starting to cause us problems.

One day, I took Bill to the church I went to. They had a nice food bank in their basement, and they opened it up to the public a couple of times a week. When I took Bill there, I was shocked at their reaction to him. They looked down their noses at him. He was a black man, in a all white church, and he still dressed like a homeless man, so they took me back into where they had all the good foods, and made Bill pick from the crap they had in the front room.

That was the last time I ever went to that church, and I never gave them another dime.
The pastor was an arrogant prick anyway.

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This is quite the story , thanks for taking the time ................ :cheers:


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