24 Louisiana students get falsh burns from the Sun

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PostMon Feb 14, 2011 6:25 pm » by Savwafair2012

Some of you may have heard, but the other day, 24 Louisiana high school students, who went on a field trip to a civic center, got a "Flashburn"....they got some sort of instant sunburn that occurred literally within seconds and were burned...

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In the news report, the father of one of the kids said, "It is like the kind of a burn you would get from a tanning booth" and you can see one of the girls who has the burn...it's an evenly distributed faint redness that is consistent with a sunburn, like someone who spent all day at the beach in the summer but didn't put any sunscreen on...

in the report they speculate, could it be allergies? could it be a light? Could it be a chemical burn? And no it's not corexit, they have no other symptoms of illness like people who've come into contact with Corexit...this is a flashburn...

This means in this instance, intense radiation from the sun went right through a hole in the magnetic field and seared their skin....it's exactly like the movie "The Core" where you see that guy stick his arm out the window of his car and his arm gets instantly burned...
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