29 year old paralyzed after swine flu jab

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A 29-year-old man placed on a ventilator after being vaccinated against swine flu, reports Västgöta-sheet.

- It's terrible, " the mother told the paper.

Now doctors suspect that the man suffered from a neurological disease which coincided with the vaccination.

The man got vaccinated against swine flu on Tuesday last week.

- On Wednesday, he had a sore arm, on Thursday he had a sore back. On Friday, he was tingling in fingers and legs, "says the 29-year old's mother to Västgöta-sheet.

When the symptoms worsened further on Saturday called the man to medical enlightenment, but according to his mother he got the Council to rest and take painkillers. Then phoned 29-year-old to his mother.

- It was horrible, I hardly heard it was him, he sounded slurred and said he had crept up to the phone, "says the mother of Västgöta-sheet.

The mother went straight home to his son and realized immediately that he needed treatment.

- When he would sit on the sofa, his head fell off in different directions and the body also, "she Västgöta-sheet.

She called again to health care information organized by ambulance to Skaraborg Hospital. Where doctors thought that 29-year-old needed care at the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg.

The man is now paralyzed and placed on a ventilator, but is fully conscious.

- He dies lips. He says "Bloody Syringe" and so he asks for his girlfriend, " the mother told the paper.

The hospital has given the man a five-day treatment. Helen Sandgren, press officer at the Sahlgrenska, told Aftonbladet that it is investigating what caused the man's condition.

- One can not say for sure that it is the vaccine as the cause. The condition is serious but has improved today.

According to 29-year old's mother, the man regained some mobility in the limbs.

Could be completely restored
According Västgöta-blade pointing the symptoms of that 29-year-old has Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological disorder.

The newspaper said that about 150 people in Sweden become ill each year. Guillain-Barré syndrome is an ascending motor paralysis of the muscles. If the paralysis affects the respiratory system needs to hit the help of a respirator. Usually, paralysis back after treatment, said Västgöta-sheet.

- When you vaccinate four million people in eight weeks, the timing to coincide with that of other serious diseases break out, which could erupt at any rate, "says Anders Hagman, head doctor at Skaraborg Hospital, told the paper.

- They say most people recover completely, but you do not know, "says 29-year old mother of Västgöta-sheet.

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