2nd Incredible UFO Video

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PostSat Aug 22, 2009 8:28 pm » by sawltydawg

is it..isnt it...is it...isnt it..
scrub rinse repeat

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PostSun Aug 23, 2009 10:40 am » by Atomant77

I was insulting the guys who started jumping up and down at the garbage on that video. Sorry, those weren't INTELLIGENT orbs..

... that is your opinion NOT the fact. You keep going on about the bug videos and as if all videos taken facing the sun with the similar characteristics include the same objects. You do know why people try get a bit of shade over the lens if filming towards the sun, don't you?. I strongly doubt that you have seen an Orb yourself or else you would be able to tell the difference bewteen it and a bunch of bugs and dust.

that is THE exact phenomenon I produced myself the very first time i tried it, and guess what..as long as I can see in that video what i saw on mine,

Right, post your video and let us compare...

Is that the real world experience that you were talking about?
That i go and do my own research and come to my own conclusions

That's right, YOUR conclusions, NOT necessarily the right conclusion however. And to be honest, you don't represent me or anyone else so be a good boy and behave in an adult fashion when it comes to debate and trying to defend your ground... impossing your 'conclusions' in such a bullyish manner doesn't earn you any respect or credibility.

But im going to share my real world experience, becuase someday i HOPE to have disclosure, and we arent going to get it, if the UFO community is represented by ignorant gullible people who get all frothy when someone debunks their Bug videos..Its my duty to the community at large.

You, me and everyone else here hopes for USA Government disclosure, cos only then sheep like you will believe that this things are for real and can be, in some occasions, mistaken for bugs by the untrained eye.

And that you spent a lot of your own personal play time to "get back at me"...

Same or less time than you have...

By the way, I don't know Pinz but I DO know what a bratt you are and how often (too often for my like) you try to impose what you 'think' to others which makes you an arrogant, deluded man for believing you are right and everyone else is wrong.

P.s. I wonder what happened to Carnage.
Every moment is a place you've never been


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