450 children married in mass marriage - Gaza

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PostWed Aug 25, 2010 1:52 am » by Anuki

450 children married in mass marriage - Gaza

You only seem to care bout yourself.
Any idea how many children/people get killid/raped/violated etc. etc. on this planet???
I do not hear you bout it, only if its concerns you/israel/Jews...





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PostWed Aug 25, 2010 1:55 am » by Infidelesto

endless16 wrote:
From my point of view, George Washington was a Terrorist, he helped to ruin the greatest Empire on Earth with his greed, and his success led to the rising of the greatest threat since the Nazi's that is the modern American way of doing things. Whereas, from my perspective, because that's what it come down to with short-cut words like "terrorist"; Osama Bin Ladin was not effectively linked to 9/11, nor was Saddam Hussain responsible for being anything more than a dictator who didn't follow American policy closely enough, by trading oil by the Euro he became a threat to American interests, and so was removed. Hardly a Terrorist or a Freedom Fighter as far as I can tell.

If foreign policy is a reason to take over a country and eliminate their infrastructure, then the USA is also, in the eyes of the rest of the world, a leading candidate for elimination, they are occupying Native American land, if you want to come right down to it. They committed large scale genocide against the native population, perhaps the USA should be dissolved and the land given back? Israel is an acceptable target, as an occupying force for any Arab/Muslim nation, any and all hostile actions can be easily perceived as attempts to liberate Palestine from a hostile oppressive force.

The thoughts and feelings of everyday Americans dos not concern me in the slightest, the U.N. is a Western organisation, and went along under duress with a bi-lateral invasion plan formulated by the UK/US with regards to Iraq, the war had no legitimacy whatsoever. The Iraqi people preferred how things were before the war, and Iraq was not a threat to Western civilisation. There is more to the world than the Rogue state, the only state ever to use nuclear weapons on a civilian target, that is the USA.

Fighting for freedom using Guerilla tactics was practised for 50 years by the USA against Cuba simply because they dislike Socialism, and continues to this day, from the perspective of the rest of the civilised world the USA are engaging in state sponsored Terrorism. It was practised by the French resistance against the Nazi's during the Second World War, in this case the blatant acts of Terrorism were perceived as Fighting for Freedom to everyone except the Nazi's simply because it served our interests.

Us vs Them mentality is the way the world works. History is written by the winners.

And I say again, One man's Terrorist is another man's Freedom Fighter.

Without refuting each and every magnificent lie you just spouted, all I can say is that is some spectacular display of willful ignorance. Wow! Take the red pill, cause everything you've ever known ain't true, brah.

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PostWed Aug 25, 2010 8:27 am » by Endless16

infidelesto wrote:
Without refuting each and every magnificent lie you just spouted, all I can say is that is some spectacular display of willful ignorance. Wow! Take the red pill, cause everything you've ever known ain't true, brah.

It's fine if you don't know or understand.

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PostWed Aug 25, 2010 8:59 am » by Lowsix

@ Endless & Infidelesto-

ok, im a dork, that exchange was badass..absolute pleasure to read.

However, I again must say that i agree with Endless's articulation over Infidelsto's:
One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter.

For this reason alone..
That is a 100% true statement that depends entirely on perspective.
Which is why its a true statement.

Infidels argument didnt acknowledge that, and instead, took the view of 'a side'.
Now, to be fair, that was a pretty fucking sweet articulation of it...through western or even the american viewpoint. Your hows and whys though, were a tad 'talk-pointish' in regards the justifications for war on sadaam. ALTHOUGH, all of those statements are true..that you made, the more important statement was Endlesses ackowlegement of the real reason we attacked Iraq.

And as regards Infidels statement on Bin Laden, you are incorrect in that while of course, all islamic leaders seek to spread sharia, HIS motivation, echoed that of many arabs, or else he would have never found an audience. American Occupation of Saudi Arabia, and propping the puppet Kingdom, and the Palestinian issue..(as a convenient rallying cry..since the arabs do have more responsibility that they have refused the palestinians themselves, while using the issue as a flag item) AND yes Infidelesto was correct that Arafat was corrupt, that does not invalidate why HE was brought to power....The isrealis have been pushing the 67 boundaries..(BUT they also gave back gaza)

So by that accounting, as complicated as it is..., if you were a misplaced palestinian in Jordan or a Palestinian, this sentence would ring true. Same way the muslims feel about american bases, form which to project force. Same way the British felt about washington, same way the INdians felt about themselves.

All rooted in perspective,a nd stays true.

I would love to say that all of those fancy american ideals were exactly in line...but they arent, and even in those one can find the terrorist freedom fighter paradigm..
I would love to feel that thsoe were the real justifications but they werent. They were the pitch.

So yeah..wow great exchange but Endless gets the point.
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PostWed Aug 25, 2010 9:07 am » by Iwanci

The puppet masters are at play..
There are forces in this world that none of us truly understand. As soon as you mix the inhumanity of man with any form of religious belief you should know that you are on the wrong path. Yet, we listen to sides of an argument, we place religious spin on what we see and hear, and we think we can justify or negate the injustices.

Religion does not harm, beliefs do not harm. Misguided, delusional, self righteous religious bigots cause harm. Eliakim, well done yet again, plant your evil seed and watch the others fight over your crumbs.

You must be loving this site, its members must amuse you no end, but not for long, keep posting, you are full of hate and you are being exposed!
Fortes fortuna iuvat


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