5 Generals Threaten Obama: “Attack Syria, Provide ‘Aid And C

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PostFri Sep 13, 2013 3:32 am » by dudeman351

Its too good to be true.

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PostFri Sep 13, 2013 5:00 am » by outlander-district6

I don't think you can advance to General just by being a good honest soldier and coordinator or tactician. You get to be general by going along with the program, not showing or expressing any disapproval. Officers study history and tactics. All would be well aware of CIA involvement, and their expertise in creating and organizing freedom fighters/terrorist groups and over-throwing sovereign nations.
It's nothing new. General Walter Bedell Smith transformed the newly created CIA into just that type of machine. He went on to create the Bilderberg group with the prince of the Netherlands in 1954.
So, as a General, you've inherited a degree of inside intelligence, and either played along, or looked the other way. Dirty hands don't clean house.
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PostFri Sep 13, 2013 5:04 am » by Slith

outlander-district6 wrote: Dirty hands don't clean house.

Well put



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