9/11 "Hijackers" were CIA Agents Whistleblower Comes Forwad!

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PostFri Sep 13, 2013 6:28 am » by Hurtswhenipee

Kerrblur2 wrote:so stupid, sick of 9/11 bullshit. sorry had to troll. 12 years old forget it, its done over move on grow up and get on with your life, NOt talking about you mr. poster but the people who make these stupid fkn videos, they got nothing better to do with there pethetic little lives than make stupid shit and post it to youtube.

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Have not watched the vids yet but I have to say NO to forget it and move on. Those who knew and let it happen are the true terrorists. Stock trades, bombs, namo thermite, building pre-wired, directed energy weapons, no video of terrorists boarding planes, building 7 shown being brought down by controlled demolition (at free fall speed), Shanksville Pa plane shot down, no entrance evidence of a plane at Pentagon, Mohammad Atta passport found in perfect condition on the street!, shafed charge evidence found on "I" beams, 9/11 commission report did not report the many secondary explosions that were reported and video taped, Patriot act that begins to strip Americans of their rights.... I'm getting tired does someone else wanna help me explain why we won't just "Let it go"



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