A couple of hefty EQs already today

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M6.3 - 34km SE of Taron, PNG 2012-08-02 09:56:44 UTC

Earthquake location 4.706°S, 153.228°E

Location and Magnitude contributed by: USGS, NEIC, Golden, Colorado (and predecessors)

http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/ ... dc#summary

Earthquakes list August 2, 2012 – Very powerful earthquake east of New Ireland, PNG

Last update: August 2, 2012 at 1:10 pm by By Ashish Khanal

Very powerful earthquake east of New Ireland, PNG

A very strong earthquake at intermediate depth to the east of New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. The earthquake was felt as a light shaking 180 km to the north. Theoretical calculations from USGS did expect a moderate shaking (MMI V) at the closest populated areas at Southern New Ireland. PNG people are experiencing often very strong to massive earthquakes. Earthquake-Report.com does not expect any serious damage or injuries from this earthquake. This is the second very strong earthquake in the area in only a couple of days. The Magnitude was to weak and the depth to deep to generate even a small tsunami.

Deep very strong earthquake strikes the Peru – Brazil border area

We consider this earthquake to be harmless based on the (normal) deep hypocenter of 130 to 140 km.

These data are preliminary and have to be confirmed after manual recalculation.
32 km (20 miles) E (89°) from Pucallpa, Peru. In the case of deep earthquakes is the distance from the epicenter to the city less important than in the case of shallow earthquakes. The shaking will of course be stronger close to the epicenter but if you add the depth to this distance, you will immediately understand that even at a Magnitude of 6 the shaking will be max. MMI IV or light shaking. This light shaking will have been felt by 469000 people. 2.7 million people (also in the neighboring countries) will have felt a weak to very weak shaking.

SRC, Location, UTC Date/time, Mag, Depth

EMSC: New Ireland Region, PNG; Aug 02 09:56 AM; 6.0; 67.0

USGS: New Ireland Region, PNG; Aug 02 09:56 AM; 6.3; 70.6

Lihir island new island province - Light shaking at Lihir Island

GEOFON: New Ireland Region, PNG; Aug 02 09:56 AM; 6.0; 54.0

USGS: Central Peru; Aug 02 09:38 AM; 6.1; 143.3

EMSC: Central Peru; Aug 02 09:38 AM; 6.0; 153.0

GEOFON: Peru-Brazil Border Region; Aug 02 09:38 AM; 6.0; 148.0

http://earthquake-report.com/2012/08/01 ... st-2-2012/

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