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A cyclic culmination

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PostMon Nov 15, 2010 3:02 pm » by lamonema

My theory will involve more than just another idea leaned towards Earth and the plethera of life upon HER. I say HER because She is the Godddess to whom i worship. I will only go back 50,000 years BP (before present) + or - 2,000 years. As it seems easier to take in let alone present, my theory which is still a bit disorganizwd to say the least. :D

Approximately 50,000 years BP our planet was in the grips of an Ice Age. There has been evidence found that man walked in North America at this time. It was perhaps during this time that the fabrication of complex hunting and general tools for ulility purposes came into the existance in North American clans/tribes9. This event was followed by a fluctuating warming and cooling periods for nearly 25,000 years. At or around 26,000 years BP the Ice Age deepened even futher and reached it's peak, lasting until approximately 19,500 years BP 1 & 2. Then the planet began to warm, the world that emmerged from the ice was a bountiful paridise with Modern man coexisting with the Mega-mammals 8. This period of warming lasted for approximately 6,500 years until a sudden tramatic event took place known as the Younger Dryus event. There is much arguement in these finding to this point, as far as the causes for the afforementions cooling events. However the Younger Dryus event, maybe the least understood of all of them because of it's sudden emergence. 2

During an approximate 6,500 year period of warming between the last Great Ice Age and the Younger Dryus event 13,000 to 11,500 years BP, mankind may have evolved into very advanced civilizations. Most notably the fabled Atlantis civilzation ( still an esoteric theory based on Plato, and Edgar Casey), which may have fallen victim to the sudden emergance of the Younger Dryus event. It is in ice core samples that time and again have shown elevated levels many times higher than during times of global warming period that suggest these events are triggered by cosmic events 4 5. We have ice cores that span back in time no less than 450,000 years 1. It is the massive amount by way in comparison of Ir (iridium) and Ni (nickle). These are elements that are found in high concentrations in cosmic dust, asteroids and or comets . It is my belief that the Younger Dryus event was a culmination of several events due to a Galactic Shock Wave. In fact i agree with Dr, Paul La Violette's theories that all Ice Ages are caused by such galactic events 7 6. There are also smaller events that occred after the Mini- ice age retreat. Approximately 5,200 years BP there was a very sudden cooling event. Evidence has been found in the Qori Kalis glacier in the high Andes Mountains of Puru. Flash frozen plant life has been found that carbon dated to at least 5,000 years BP 10, also the dark ages were also the cause of an even smaller cooling event. I will stop for now at the Dark ages. I will continue to also work on the theory of Atlantis ( hence the double helix of information), since i feel it is so important to know what really happend.

The Galactic Shockwave Theory by Paul La Violette, was on of the best ideas i have ever read, having been 12 when i first read his works, i absorbed it like a sponge i could literally picture the Galactic wave ripple or as i like to put it bulldoze through the Milkyway. As the Tsunami of waves, tsunami being another term i like to use, hit our solar systems heliosphere, it would perturb everythingat the speed of light 7. Of cause we here on Earth wouldn't know what hit us in the first place. The Galactic Waves imo don't hold the actual biggest threat, it is the effect on our sun that are the biggest threat. I will continue this at a later date, i am tired. :D :sleep: source of information to come on a separate post. thanks NM156 aka lamonema. :D :sleep:

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PostMon Nov 15, 2010 3:40 pm » by Marley

Thanks Lamonema!
Do you think it is a key to own? To turn in a lock? It is not. It is up to you, through your endeavors to learn what you have forgotten and un-learn what you have been convinced to accept.


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PostMon Nov 15, 2010 3:42 pm » by Freeyourmindnow

nice :flop:

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PostMon Nov 15, 2010 3:53 pm » by lamonema

Thanks guys, i can't sleep i'm over tired, i just kept chuggin away all night, next thing i knew the kid had to goto school. I'm half tempted to crack out a left hander, but i won't. Also i think i forgot to place source 3 and maybeanother with in the first thread, but you get the idea. I have a lot more that i have to compress, into a more friendly format. later :flop:

Posts: 3207
Joined: Thu May 27, 2010 5:20 am

PostMon Nov 15, 2010 4:02 pm » by lamonema

I just read this thing through and i must appologize for thr typos, and mis-spelled words. I ran low on concentration during the time of type it up, also my keyboard sssssucks batteries.
I had to switch them out a couple of time until i could pick some up this morning at the mini-mart, damb i coulda, shoulda, grabbed a philly. :D

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PostMon Nov 15, 2010 4:05 pm » by Kdosemjaz

must tag it :flop:

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PostTue Nov 16, 2010 4:09 pm » by lamonema

I said in my first presentation that i would stop at the Dark Ages. So let's continue there, the dates given for this planetary cooling event are 450 to 950 BC. Ice core samples find again evevated levels of cosmic dust. This was also the time of great tumoil in most of Europe. It is my opinion that this is also were the experts devate from the truth as to exactly were the "plague" originated. The experts having blamed the plague on western Asia (mongolia / indo china). Then i found this, Could this help to explain were the black death originated from, could this also explain the climatic cooling for Europe and perhaps most of the northern hemisphere? I think so, but what i think was not important here because this, imo was not yet enough irrefutable proof. So i kept looking for what could be deemed as a less esoteric source and then i came upon this. Then this,, and this, Do you see what i see? I believe we have past the tipping point, and i believe it will get much worse and very quickly. It may not even require the Galactic Shockwave to bring on an Ice Age, but it certainly won't help. Some say by fire, some say ice; i believe it will be both. As for the large object, imho that is not a black hole by our Sun. I believe it is a huge craft, with intellegent operaters, what it is, this object is doing is anyones guess. So i going to throw my two cents into this subject and suggest that the craft maybe trying to avoid a diastrous scenario. Perhaps it is trying to preform a nuclear reactor shut down for a given period of time, "the Sun went black as slack cloth"...? It maybe an attempt to lessen the impact or and aggitated Sun from a Galctic Shockwave, and the particles that could come with it. just a thought :mrgreen:
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PostTue Nov 16, 2010 4:23 pm » by lamonema

Thanks boon, it means alot. It took me soooo long to present just a tip of some of what i believe in, and thing i have connected to one another. But at least i'm getting better at this computer stuff. I like to learn everyday, imo a day without learning something it see as a bit of a waste. :mrgreen:


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