A Fake Video we made to flush out the New World Order

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PostSat Oct 25, 2008 4:47 pm » by Kerrblur2


You can censor the senders info but send us some emails that was sent to you
The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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There is no way we will be remaking a New World Order WEB site, it was a stupid idea in the first place, but an interesting venture.

We learnt from it, that people, many of them wont want to not only remain in the Matrix but become a larger part of it.

We found many people walking the world today see themselves as better than their counter parts and fellow man, and agree that the world is becoming over run and over populated by lazy sub-humans.
This Article is very old:- http://www.disclose.tv/frameset.php?url ... 057734.stm

Yet the feeling among people feel this divide is already here, our most alarming messages came not from those in the Government, but those in the public.

From this we learnt the real battle is within the hearts and minds of all the public, awakening them could be in a sense pushing them towards the lower runs of the New World Order, soon in the financial situation we are in now, how long will it be until man starts blaming his brothers rather than those that fabricate the structure of power and money ?

Most of the Government Emails we wonder if they had been fabricated by members of the public or truth seekers as some where to odd to be any Government body.

Kind of like this Email, that we still to this day don't know if it is truth or not (NOT SENT TO US, Example):- http://www.stewwebb.com/Satanism%20Rock ... genda.html
(But very similar to some we got, and reason why we feel could be fabricated, and as we said, the project was closed before we could harvest all the data, all that remained was a Student project based around the Orwellian state).

Some of the more official ones came from people claiming to be high ranking freemasons upset with us using them as a recruiting ground for the Elite, and being that Courts and legal garble seems their strength we retracted the video on the Masons, and we think this is when the Veil fell and the site failed.
My Opinion - NOT THE AXIOM'S

As for the Seals and Crests, most had the Eagle, or Lion/unicorns... Only one comes to mind it was an Eagle in one claw was a snake and in the other pole/sceptre of sorts.

Many of you may state that is "Bull", and we feel the same, hence why we would rather not share it until we find the seal or crest again upon the NET or otherwise, the closest we have found so far leads us to Mexico and their crest... Or this image that is German in Origin.


Within the project I looked after the Graphics and images tend to be the only thing I tend to remember, I can't for the life of me recall the department name, I very rarely read the Emails, and the old members of the project are college friends lost to time, I only have contact with one other, and myself and him are Co-founders of the Axiom. He had no access to the EMails, he was an editor on the project... I only have the Video as it was myself that created the most of the Graphics and placed the video together.

The reason we placed the video up was to show that if people was for its content... Entertainment value, even if it does divide the viewers.

When watching the video, and looking at all the information written within it, it plays out some of the most far fetched of theories and brings them together in a fashion that shows connection and plausablity to the rise of a New World Order, when we watch it back now, if this was a real video, I myself personally would have mixed feelings.

That in turn, make me wonder if a New World Order was to rise, they could be successful as people right now may welcome any change from the current situation, that for myself is a worry.

Now or any time from the start of 2008 onwards I feel personally the time for waking people up is virtually over, even if we wake them up, they don't seem to care... They all ready embrace the New World Order, should one be adopted.

I myself feel the only way out of the current situation is the collapse of the Monetary system all-together... After all, no matter who you are or what job you do your time on this planet is just as valued as anyone else's. Why do we keep to a label of wage defining our worth ?

There is not enough money in circulation to pay off the debt we are in, for a start off the COMPANIES that print the money charge interest, so if we have pay back interest in money that doesn't exist then we are always going to be in debt. Putting all this cash into the system, may look good now, but this time next year the interest will cripple us, in my opinion.

I know this topic has gone WAY off subject...

But ask yourselves, can the world continue the way it is ?

The answer is no, as the powers that be are forcing a change we will all be begging for shortly... I am not saying our fight is over... I am saying the time for making videos to wake people up may be showing the true power is one to perfect to fail.

In my opinion we need to show the Banking system, the monetary system and the salve to the wage way of life is not for the modern man. To show we wish to better the world and our race, to be treated equal as all our time on this planet is equal in worth no matter if you are a bin man or a top surgeon, life should have no price tag and time transends material goods and wealth.

Exposing the rules and life styles of the Elite within this time of Crisis for me is my weapon... I shall be creating videos based upon this, to show why we struggle others that placed us in this pliet revel and gain.


Upload to Disclose.tv

Upload to Disclose.tv

And showing how we are being taken for fools:-

Upload to Disclose.tv

Upload to Disclose.tv

Upload to Disclose.tv

Landofshadows - Of the Axiom
The End note.

The first video is a fiction based upon information we have found suggested as truth, should this information be truth, most will still disregard it as fiction.

Some people wish to remain part of the Matrix.

But showing the Matrix is unfair, and not a good place for them is the way we wish to move forward upon the Axiom.

We are looking at each stage of the structure of power, and we wish we had more keen video makers and researchers doing the same.

This chain that the New World Order has, has many links... It time we started to weaken them.

The link we wish to tackle in the chain is the one that shows the people the New World Order is for their best interest...

Seperate those videos above all being under ten mins have no effect if watched seperately, but when placed together and watched inturn along side, perhaps your videos, could help bring this giant down.

We have a plan... Will you help us ?

The Axiom

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PostSun Oct 26, 2008 2:45 am » by Bobbyinedmonton

I kinda don't like the idea of posting this in the open, where it can be found by Google Bots, so I'm going to throw the idea out now, and delete the post tomorrow.

Axiom, I love your idea! It's nearly brilliant!

Just needs a bit more work, and some private planning (out of the reach of Bots and Spys)...

I say go as full scale as possible, and create a website with a sign up application and as much real stuff as possible. Including an official press release from the Illuminati group. We would have appointed members with pictures and bios, five, ten and twenty year plans. Basically, we go one step beyond hollywood and play the Illuminati in real life. Hell, we can even go to the point of going on CNN for interviews.

The Illuminati, if they exist, are more than likely arrogant fucks. So, it's the same as claiming that you've scored the winning touchdown in the Football game, when you're not even on the team, because the jocks that couldn't give you two seconds out of a day are suddenly looking YOU up.

And the beauty of a well chosen server for the site, is that you can record web logs. Which means, you set up a nice little net for all the IPs and MAC addresses of anyone even punching the URL in.

Essentially, if planed correctly, it would give the operators a step ahead of the Illuminati.

With the economy slipping, it's the last thing they need to happen...

I'd be willing to work with anyone on it.

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PostSun Oct 26, 2008 5:43 am » by Kerrblur2

DOOD WTF BOBBY, YOU BEEN READING SOME OF THESE THREADS LATELY? and you go ahead and delete some doods post and not the thousand others?!? your a dam fool if you do man. you better go checking some other peoples BS posts before doing that... what you get a phone call from 'someone' to get rid of this post? i thought this was a disclose site, that bs bro.
The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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PostSun Oct 26, 2008 10:46 am » by Axiomgate


We agree with you, delete this topic...

We will help you in every way possible, graphics, videos whatever you like, if you feel you can pull this idea off...

There is no point in Disclosing an idea to the enemy...

Send us personal messages, or sign up on the Axiom forum and contact us through the Admin area, you can Skype us from this page:- http://homepage.ntlworld.com/steven.giles3/us.html

I am landofshadows (The graphics designer for the Axiom).

Lets get doing, rather than not...LOL

We need a large team, a trusted one.

The Axiom


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