A friend with cancer

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PostMon Nov 19, 2012 5:38 am » by Edgar 2.0

Humanbeing wrote:thanks guys, keep it coming. fortunately her cancer is in the very early stages. its colon cancer, so that last post is amazing!
she came across this today: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/103929/Cancer_is_finally_cured_in_Canada_but_Big_Pharma_has_no_interest/
and was blown away. i commented on her facebook page with the "chemo makes cancer worse" article and thats when she messaged me back stating that she has cancer, she hasnt even told her mom. she asked me for advice because she says that I seem to be aware of many things in this world and have a "think outside the box" mindset.
thus began my mission to gather as much info for her as I can.
I told her that I would ask my friends here on DTV for advice and info, and she is very grateful, as am I. thanks!

She must get the primary tumor out. No ifs or buts. Since her cancer is, like you say, in an early phase, she might get well. THe percentage for 5-year survival in the early stages are around 70%.

If distant metastasis exists (liver, lungs and lymph nodes usually) , she must get a proper chemo. There's no single colon cancer i've heard of that was cured by alternative methods.

There are a couple of chemo protocols used in colon cancer treatment. FOLFIRI + Avastin is rather good, since it involves non-invasive immunotherapy (that's Avastin - it targets only the sick cells, not the healthy ones.)

In my case, it spread both on liver and lungs (D stage according to Duke). I had more than 25 metas on my liver only. :D

I've been struggling with it for fucking ages, and i've beat more than several 5-year survival prognosis.

If she needs any sugestions about serious treatment (non-alternative), let me know via PM or facebook...

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PostMon Nov 19, 2012 6:17 am » by Kerrblur2

my energy is strong, my energy lives everywhere. no continent can hold it back no oceans can stop my energies. I give them to you and your friends and family. I will continue this from 11/19/2012 untiil 11/25/2012 at exactly 11 pm until 12 midnight. I do not do prayers I do energy. I promise you i will do what my mind can do. I am strong moving even physical things now. I will give you all healing energy i can without harming myself.

good bye.

I started tonight.
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PostMon Nov 19, 2012 8:10 am » by Mydogma

Bravo69 wrote:I am not an expert... however, I have read that the big C cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment... ok, I know what you are thinking.. also, it does not live in an alkaline environment... juice plenty, perhaps some baking soda & water quite often.. feel free to look this up on the web.. a positive attitude also seems to be important...

Sorry, but to me, cancer is more of a state of mind... love you...

I vote for this one...99 cent box of baking soda...i bath in it, Brush teeth with it and swallow and use it for deodorant...these are all ways of it to absorb...and Help bring your ph level in check...plants, fish and us will die if our ph levels are out...also i occasionally gargle with peroxide and swallow...it oxygenates as well as give a mild upset tummy...i do not endorse...i just do...Cheers and wish her well...keep spirits up...smoke some 420 and watch a bunch of comedies...stress kills...
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