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Five Finger Death Punch
"I'd rather you hate me, for everything I am than ever love me, for something that I'm not."

Lowsix wrote:Seriously dude..you're trash.
Always have been.

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I really would like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone on DTV who has been such a good sport during this extended operation. ;) I also want to give out kisses and hugs to everyone on the TEAM: DR, Hesop, Spock, Badger, and to others like LowSix who reached out to us bat-shit crazy bitches and welcomed us here. :D

As for the rest of you... There is a God; he gave us that article the very next day after we cornered these motherfuckers. Guys, take a look at what your tax dollars are paying for!!! This just goes to show that money can't buy everything. The government's brightest intelligent agents and an army of PhD psychologists and computer experts set this up with low-life contractors; but they were no match for average citizens who decided they were NOT going to put up with this, this is NOT ok, and it is NOT ok to steal someone's life just for an experiment.

This is the face of the New World Order folks. It ain't pretty. It operates on LIES and FEAR. Do you know why us two bat-shit crazy bitches weren't good enough for the experiment? I can at least tell you about DR, no one can control that woman... SHE IS HER OWN WOMAN, secure in who she is and she doesn't let anyone say otherwise. As for me, I am still guessing... Maybe because I kept asking uncomfortable questions? Who knows. But I do know this; both of us are stubborn as hell, and we will get back up EVERY time we get knocked down. This is exactly what the New World Order does not want!

Too many people simply walked away from all of this, deciding that it is crazy and simply not worth their time. But I've seen real people like you and me get seriously hurt from this. I refused to simply walk away knowing there are innocent people out there getting their heads stirred up with a whisk by some slimy contractor who's sold his soul in the name of government intelligence (which is supposedly needed to win the false war on terror).

I hope you all have a great day. I know I will. :P

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