A Recent Article About My Experiences to Help Other People

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I recently did an article for our local newspaper relating to my website and experiences. Mind you, it was worth doing to get the photograph of my dog waving. Anyway, a journalist, who knew me from when they use to interview my husband on his wildlife project wrote to me and asked me if I would care if she wrote up a story on me relating to my website. As I knew her, and know her, I thought that I would do it. Had it been another journalist, I would have been a bit more reluctant. When she came to interview me, I felt comfortable speaking with her about my experiences.

The reason only two abductions are mentioned in the article is that there are only two documented abductions which are on the video, which I asked her to watch. I trust her implicitly with the video. She said that the bit about 911 gave her goose pimples.

I feel that this article makes it easier for me to explain my experiences, as my health sometimes makes it difficult for me to tell my story. Also, I think it will help others, who have similar experiences to know that they are not alone.

I hope this article sheds some more light on the paranormal phenomenon and brings us even more closer together to more understand the unknown.

I have posted this due to the content relating to my experiences. I come across so many people with similar experiences that I find it easier to do it this way then trying to write it all out, myself. I am sure that my experiences are not unique, but are shared across the globe.

I am grateful to the newspaper for putting this article together in this way to show that there is a large range to the paranormal world, and you are not limited to your own experiences with the paranormal.

Like she said, to me the paranormal is just 'normal'. We all at one time or another, or even frequently have these experiences.

I just thought I would share mine this way. Besides, I couldn't write it any better. Mind you, the title of the article did give me a giggle.

I am glad that my dog posed on my lap. I was nervous about the photo, but she made it so much easier.

You will read that she did watch the video of my regression tape. It is to prove as well that my case is well documented.

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