A Strange Thought Came Over Me

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PostFri Oct 02, 2009 9:14 pm » by Thewatcher

Something really strange just came over me while watching a video on here about the swine flu vaccine..With this vaccine being introduced and being pushed around the globe to be made mandatory i had a very strange thought that hit me straight out of the blue..What if it is some sort of way the government's have came up with a way of finding the,''aliens among us'', meaning if somebody dies from having the vaccine they where of an alien origin,but yet it is harmless to natural humans on this planet..Many people say they are among us, so maybe this is a way of the government's to detect and erase alien forms from our planet as they try and protect us from being over-run by these infiltrators..They couldn't exactly of made this public so they had to make up a sophistacated way of dealing with this..I bet this will get a few thinking..But you can surely see what i'm saying here.We meaning us humans are obviously thinking the worse about this but what if this was true..Worth thinking about if you ask me.. :shooting: :alien:
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PostFri Oct 02, 2009 9:21 pm » by Hansom

True, I also think the opposite is equally plausible.
Might also be a way of wiping out the humans for their alien masters among us.
Just thought I'd throw that into the mix, as they say. :)
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