A Thread for Atheists.

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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 11:12 pm » by Tinman4higher

Funny shit. This might turn ugly quick though.
I am obviously spagnostic.
What that means to me is that when I look up, I see an unanswered question.
I don't believe that religion will answer that question. Science will, someday, If our race makes it to the finish line. The biggest threat to our true understanding of ourselves is the very tool that religunuts claim will bring us to the truth. Religion.
In my perfect present world, nobody knows what happens after we die.
In my perfect future world, everyone knows what happens.
And, isn't that why religion is so powerful? The sheep need an answer for their world view right away?
Atheism is a non-prophet organization...GC

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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 11:13 pm » by Thebluecanary

I am no particular fan of either Intelligent Design theory as it is presented by the radical religious right or the theory of Evolution. I don't think that the Bible or any other holy book tells the actual story of how this planet and all the things on it were created. Nor do I think that the THEORY of evolution explains it effectively. I think that what happened back then was much more complicated than any of our tiny little brains can comprehend. And whether you want to admit it or not, science and religion are not the diametric opposites that you would like to believe that they are. Both are flawed human attempts to gain some sort of understanding of a world that is very complex and scarily confusing.

Back in Darwin's day, he was really trying to understand how the world worked and he was a renegade challenging the scientific establishment of his time but they couldn't shut him up and they couldn't completely disprove what he was saying. Now, there are no Darwins. The scientific establishment is as close-minded and fanatical about the status-quo as any fundamentalist church, and those who really want to challenge the parameters of what might really be going on are frozen out by the very peer-review process that so many Scientificans hold up (much like fundies hold up the shroud of Turin) as inviolate proof that science is the only way to truth. The only "scientists" who get any funding or recognition or get published are the ones who tow the party line and don't get crazy and try to challenge any sacred part of the scientific canon.

Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe convincing you that the only way you can be really smart is to completely deny and mock the idea that maybe there is some form spiritual force animating the universe is just another way to make you a dumb fucking sheep, the same way you say religion does?

And sorry, Epic, but there have been plenty of giant remains found...that does not mean that they were the giants talked about in the Bible or that they have any religious significance at all, but they did in fact at some point in our ancient history exist. The fact that their existence has been swept under the rug is just another example of how science can be manipulated to tell you only what they want you to know just like religion can.
Remember, in a real conspiracy, all players are pawns regardless of their rank.
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PostSun Apr 03, 2011 11:15 pm » by Legalizeheroin

Dearest Troll,

Nevermind. You can't put together a coherent argument. I present facts and a valid argument and you resort to name-calling. Sad. Maybe you ought to get into politics.

Disproven? By whom? How? By saying "Oh, that person's just crazy - look at this thing they said in a random troll thread!"

Obviously you prefer the status quo. Clearly you'd rather live in Richard Dawkins' pathetic and lonely world of imagined superiority. Your Atheism is equally rigid compared to fundementalist Islam or Evangelical Christianity, and therefore equally guilty of being nonsense and mind-control. Have fun with that.

BlueCanary: :flop: Right on.
Dear Aliens,


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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 12:05 am » by Kaarmaa

I don't call myself a atheist, or agnostic or else, i just say that i don't believe in god(s).That is so much easier for me.

I grew up with christians, but not extremist. The simple ones, that go to church en sundays, do all the ceremonial stuff around the christmas meals, you know, the moderate ones. My Mother didn't even have a bible at home, at least, i've never seen one. So no pressure on me from this side.

I went to the catechism and did my firts communion but not the other ceremonys that followed (the confirmation and there's a last thing but i don't know it's name). Maybe she didn't send me there because she found out that i wasn't interested in religion. My first communion was only like a "extra-birthdayparty", it was all about the gifts. I liked to go to catechism because they told us the story of a nice guy who had a lot of adventures in his life, my mother never told me bedtime storys so i enjoyed these.

Once, i was about 10yo i guess, I entered my mothers room and found her praying. She asked me to join her and I did, i took it as an amusement. So I went on my knees and repeated the same words she said. After a while it started getting bored and thought that I could bring in some fun,...so I farted (this is the humiliating part, which I'd rather skip, but can't... :oops: ). My Mother became furious and started yelling at me, how I disrespected God...., shame on me...,how God is dissapointed..., she made me cry so much! I just couldn't understand why. There was just us, her and me but she freaked out because of someone I don't know, never came to our house and whom we never talk about. I was very lost that day.I never prayed again.

When somebody talked about religion I always closed my ears the same way I do when somebody talks about soccer or fishing. If somebody asked me about my beliefs my answers were very vague.As I never thought about god, never read the bible and didn't know anything about it, I just couldn't give an opinion. I felt ashamed about it, i felt stupid, like there's an essentiel thing that everybody knows,...everybody but me. So I started open my ears to religion(s), that was in my 20's. But I didn't read much about it because it would have taken to much place instead of my real interests, I didn't "study" it. Just opened my ears to it.

After a few years, when peolple asked me about my beliefs, I told them that i didn't manage yet to believe in god.That's when I started having bad times in discussions. Always heard the same things, "if you don't believe in god, you believe in satan!","If you don't find the way to god, you'll be in big trouble one day!, "You are not trustfull", " I thought you were a smart girl, sorry to see you missing the best part of life!".....What?....The only person who had an other approach was a Buddhist. He invited me to his house, offered me some tea, and told me why and how he got to buddhisme. Then he gave me some stuff to read, only a few pages and never talked about it again from his own initiative, it was always me that asked questions. It was very peacful and relaxing to talk to him. Never a bad word.

Now I'm 39 (since April 1st, thank you^^) and nothing was able to make me believe that there is a God. When people ask me now if i believe in god, i look them straight in the eyes and say NO.Same thing I did almost 20 years ago...but with an attitude. I'm proud to say that I don't believe. And you know what? Most of the time they stop asking me questions.And that's just fine.

I'm not a anti-christian jesus-hater, How could I hate something that doesn't exist in my life? To hate, you have to focus on something, I can't see or feel anything and some days I tryed very hard.But there's nothing.

If this almighty god created us, shouldn't every single human being feel him inside of its body since the day of his birth? We shouldn't even have to question it. It should be as natural as breathing. We shouldn't have to go throu some ceremonials, make sacrifices and other stuff to be accepted by God. If he made us, he accepts us as we are.

I told you, I didn't read the bible, so how come I am a loved, respected and appreciated person? I didn't have to read the bible to know that : lying, killing, stealing, jealousy and greed are bad things. Common sens tought me, observing the world around me did.
I'm a very happy person, with some real bad days sometimes. To me, these bad days are due to some chemicals in my body which regulate my mood.
Instead of running to the church and asking somebody else for help because this bad, bad world made me unhappy, I try to find out what could make me happier. Like CASHEW NUTS...very good for (or against) depressions.

I don't preach other people to show them eventually a way to happyness, I just try to make them laugh...that frees some damned good "happy-chemicals "too. You need some feel-good, i'll try to give it to you, with the simplest tools life gave me.

"But it's written in the bible!" So what? Don't you think that people, back then, needed some entertainement too?They had nothing else but story tellers to satisfy their need for amusement. And knowing few about how life en earth works how would they know that a lot of these storys are ...impossible ( impossible is maybe the wrong word because I believe that everything might be possible in a scientific sens). They got the bible, we got Hollywood.
I can understand that some people need something to hold on to, but that's personal. Keep it to yourself. If I ask you to share something, do, if you don't mind. If I don't, don't.

I believe in aliens but i don't feel the need to talk about it all the time or to convince people.
Religious people appear to me like vegetarians eating a BigMac. I just can't understand them.

And the worst is that these religious people aren't happier than me, they don't have better health, they aren't wealthier...So what is all this about? Confused people trying to confuse others.
I didn't see groups of atheists bomb churches or hospitals that do abortion. I din't hear about the "United atheist league" invading other countrys to bring them something they haven't asked for. And these "religion haters" aren't atheistes to me, they seem more like uneducated frustrated wannabees. I think that someone who doesn't believe in god just doesn't care about religion. They don't spend no time thinking about it. I don't like soccer, so i don't watch the games and i' don't learn the rules.That's it. No time to waste.

I do read some religous threads but I rarely post replies, I lack the knowledge to do so. I read them just to learn more about human behaviour. And it's very dissapointing. I even started reading the flower- toes lady/sir threads because of T2R's "Someone here on DTV needs help" thread. They are food for my brain but not in the way she/he would like it. Oh boy, T2R, you owe me BandAids to put on my bleeding eyes!

I can't believe I wrote all this!!! Must be the frustration of reading DTV every day for over a week. I'll get myself some cashews :D

Hope that at least 1 person finds the courage to read me... :lol:

and please, no mocking on my mistakes, this is the best english i got in store :wink:

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 12:41 am » by Flecktarn

A Thread for Atheists. i dont beleive it ,,,,,,it looks all made up to me :lol:

for the ones that dont get it the above comment is called humour :sunny:

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 12:49 am » by Yarblis

I am not an atheist.I don't practice any given religion.I have my personal beliefs that GOD is aware,not only of us,but of every other species in the universe.I bring no proof of what I believe,I simply believe it.I don't feel the need to prove what I believe or disprove what you believe.I will neither mock your belief or question your intelligence.you have every right to believe whatever you want.We need to simply agree to disagree.We are all human beings and should respect each others beliefs as long as we don't start sacrificing each other over it we might make it as a race.As long as people continue to harbor such childish endeavors as the mockery of an individuals religious propensities we will never attain the peace and contentment we all strive to achieve.How can we, when something that affects only the individual can cause such harrassment from fellow human beings.I.M.O.those who would mock the beliefs of others openly need to grow up before they attempt to contribute to adult conversations.

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 12:54 am » by Mozi!!a

kaarmaa thanks for sharing you story man :flop:

funny 2 :lol:

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 1:06 am » by Flecktarn

i posted this in another thread but it seems apt here also as the religion things going overboard ,,,,,,,,,,,,

also i have seen religion tear countrys and people apart through my work
northern ireland
the former yugoslavia
one you have seen this first had ,,because my work was trying to help people GET ALONG ,i would rather not beleive in any religion ,,because argueing over gods cost alot of people there lives ,,and FOR WHAT ,,,the same shit the next day and the day after ,,,so if ther was no gods to argue over these people would be alive today ,,,
how many dead people and FRIENDS have you seen killed because of religion

i have seen enough ..adult conversations didnt save these people and was it childish endeavors to try and stop these people killing each other over religion ,,,
so the retarded posters who decided to slam me for my opinions on religion think again ,,i put in my time trying to save people killing each other over religious arguements and lost my friends in doing so ,,how many armchair gods chosen few have even attempted to do anything apart from cause more arguements over religions of all faiths ...

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 1:28 am » by Kaarmaa

demobe wrote:kaarmaa thanks for sharing you story man :flop:

funny 2 :lol:

Glad you liked it, thank you...I'm a woman,... man :D

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PostMon Apr 04, 2011 2:36 am » by Troll2rocks

kaarmaa wrote:
demobe wrote:kaarmaa thanks for sharing you story man :flop:

funny 2 :lol:

Glad you liked it, thank you...I'm a woman,... man :D

Yeh great post, :flop:
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