A tree as a metaphor of us

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When I look at a tree I see a metaphor of us, the human species. When we analyze a tree you see a few different parts. There is the root, the trunk & branches and the canopy. What you might not realize is that the different parts of the tree have different ages. It is perennial, the root, trunk and bigger branches might be many years old but the canopy, if it is a deciduous tree, is only in its first year. The smaller to larger branches get older proportionate to their size. Every year the tree gets larger and larger, it's like putting a glove over your hand and then the next year putting another glove over the first glove and another over that on the following year etc... The trunk and first branches that were quite small when it was planted can grow thick enough to support other branches as well as a very large canopy.
The root is our collective spirit, it is a part of us and very much connected to us. Just as the root is in the soil apart from the rest of the tree so our collective spirit is unseen in a different dimension, and that is where our collective nerve center is. The trunk and branches are those that have been here before, just as the branches grow stronger and stronger from year to year, each time we return to this plane our spirit or soul becomes stronger and stronger, provided we don't go into decline. This is why there are those that seem to have a better understanding or sense of things than others, they have been here before. The leaves or canopy represent the souls that are now here for the first time and just as the canopy of a tree is extremely important to the overall health of the tree the first time souls of our tree are just as important to us as a species.
There is just one problem, our tree is not healthy, it has been in decline for thousands of years. We have reached the point where if we don't stop the decline the tree will die, just as our species will die. The problem is many of the branches have gotten greedy, they, like everyone that comes into this world, don't realize that their better understanding and abilities are meant to SUPPORT the canopy or larger numbers of their fellow man. instead they are choking off the flow of water, nutrients and energy, or inspiration, knowledge and resources, under the delusion that their superior intellect and abilities were meant to enrich themselves. By refusing to use their abilities and resources to improve the world for all of mankind they are unwittingly destroying themselves along with the rest of us. It's as if they are trying to save the branch by killing the tree.

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Two Trees, a metaphor for our choices

If you have ever analyzed trees in even a casual manner you would be aware that there are two types of trees on this earth. There is the deciduous trees, these trees are those that drop all of their foliage each fall and then produce new growth and foliage the following spring. Then there are the evergreens, some would call them conifers but that has more to do with cones and seeds. I refer to them as evergreens, they don't drop all of their foliage going into winter. Evergreens, depending on which species, will hold from three to maybe eight years of growth as in the case of a healthy spruce tree. The healthy evergreen will drop off one years growth yearly in the fall and will produce a new years growth again in the spring. I believe, the two trees are a metaphor for the choice we face today. Our present societal structure can be illustrated with the deciduous tree. Deciduous trees as a rule are much more aggressive than evergreens, they are very competitive with other plants for water and nutrients. The defining characteristic for what makes a deciduous tree deciduous is the fact that at a point in it's seasonal life cycle it begins to drop or discard all of it's foliage. The point that this process starts is usually when the falls first freeze occurs. The foliage or leaves represent the masses in this metaphor, and you could say it's getting late enough in the game to see that our freeze is right around the corner. Our tree will drop ALL it's foliage again just as it has in the past, as in nature so in our metaphor, this is a repeating event and has happened before, you could say it is the nature of the beast but that is a different metaphor. This makes our only option, to go evergreen. There are several characteristics of evergreens that differentiate them from deciduous trees but the characteristic that comes to mind for this metaphor is the fact that the cellular structure of an evergreen is an alternating cellular structure and not an inline cellular structure that is seen in deciduous trees. This can be seen in a spruce tree as it winds up and to the left, like a spiral staircase, around the tree, btw, this happens to be our heading if we were to go evergreen, up and to the left. The different characteristics can and will take this metaphor deeper but for the sake of brevity I will let you look for them.
Btw, you might enjoy the song by Dan Fogelberg titled "Earth Anthem".

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