A view from sobriety - but actually I'm not sure

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There must be something which we could say about life and world that is not more than what is fitting on a small post card. I'll try is this way although never being sure:

I don't know what life and world are. There are things happening mostly without any influence of mine. I'm not even sure that I exist. I have experienced countless delusions and illusions.
What I know is my brain being a device of strange procession. What I know is there are pictures and experiences and all I perceive depending on a certain procession of that device. Fairly spoken, I do even this not exactly know. I don't know what apprehention is and where it comes from. I have the apprehension of a ground of being although I am trapped in the bounderies of being. All I know is that I left with a sense of ME although I do not know what I or ME is and means. I came here without being asked. I act like being I or ME and travel space and time somehow to fulfill that pretention. Actually I know nothing and go away - gambling. That is my sense.
Hope is the thing with feathers...
Emily Dickinson

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