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Just wondering if any of the members have had the opportunity to stand infront of any of these great anomalies and had the chance to walk up and down the stairs at any of them, my question is what was the rise on each step, was it similar and comfortable like the rise of your step in your home or were each stair tread higher or lower then what you would deem usable for someone our height. i dont think if they designed such ominus structures that they would have chinced out on the ergonomics of it...they would have done that right too as no doubt the stairs were meant to be climbed...were they shorter people or taller...would be determined by the rise of the steps...does anyone know here that have researched these structures in more detail then i...thanks for input...
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Yes enjoyed the view of the sphinx the most but also traversed the small rise steps to the inner chamber to the sarcophagus in the Khafre pyramid the one with its capping stones still in place. The journey took 15 minutes but it was hot, air quality stale and you had to stoop most of the way as approximately only 5 foot in height and tourists are both going to and coming back from the main chamber. There was a couple of areas which opened out with deep trap shafts so I think this was traversed by wooden modern steps, I hope this helps but the photos shown with a google search of the Khafre pyramid are accurate to help your research :flop:
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