ACTA defeat a huge victory for online freedom & democracy

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'ACTA defeat a huge victory for online freedom & democracy'

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on Jul 4, 2012 by RussiaToday

The European Parliament has rejected ACTA, a controversial trade agreement, which was widely criticized over its likely assault on internet freedoms. Supporters of the treaty suggested postponing the crucial voting at the Parliament plenary on Wednesday, but members of the parliament decided not to delay the decision any further.

MEPs voted overwhelmingly against ACTA, with 478 votes against and only 39 in favor of it. There were 146 abstentions. Citizen advocacy group founder Jeremy Zimmerman believes copyright laws must be reformed, but not at the expense of the online users.

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If the PTB want to get through crippling laws and bills like the one mentioned above then they are not going to let voting get in the way, The EU bypassed their own laws when they needed every country in the union to sign to, Ireland said no, but they got around it, probably more stealthily than we could ever realise. When the kick offs started in the Arab world and support was being gained via twitter and facebook, our government in the UK decided to incite some riots [most likely via ELF waves] so they could rush through parliament laws giving the government in power the right to shut down all social networking sites at a moments notice, These are some of the minor tactics used by shady powers all around the world, It makes you think what the real reason for the enforced austerity measures around Europe at this time,[bearing in mind recession is an illusion]the bigger picture is always there you just got to peel away the layers.
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