AD 438. Istanbul. Boy Abducted - Multiple Witnesses?

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After suffering terrifying earthquakes that had caused substantial damage to their city, the inhabitants of Constantinople (Istanbul) gathered in the respective safety of the countryside, where they prayed and hoped for relief from the destruction.
During the confusion and fear. the crowd witnessed something so incredible that it was passed on through the generations and talked about each year in Greek churches as part of the Menologues.

A boy was seen to rise into the sky and out of sight, and then return, by way of an invisible force. On his return, the boy spoke of attending a "great concert of the Angels".

Baronius declared that the event should be "forever recorded in human memory".

Sources. Vallee, Aubeck. 2009 "Wonders in the Sky"

and, among others -

"Alien Worlds: Social and Religious Dimensions of Extraterrestrial Contact". Tumminia, 2007 ... sightings/

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by way of an invisible force attending a "great concert of the Angels".

i like it! defiantly odd.. thanks Doogle
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