Adam Sommer Weekly Astrology Forecast 12/11

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"Sri Krishna said: The soul is never born nor dies at any time. Soul has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. Soul is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. Soul is not slain when the body is slain."

(Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 20) ( ... rse_20.htm)

** Monday: Moon in Scorpio

** 12th

( ... 2012_x.jpg)
art by Android Jones

The Moon has disappeared from the sky. An Eclipse is coming. And as the Moon moves through early Scorpio, slithering cautiously towards this Dragon hole (Solar Eclipse), she also does a hard yet necessary slow dance with Saturn (conjunction). We may realize in this aspect experience the merit of finishing something we have been slacking on. Perhaps it was an Idea or a Project which began nearly 4 weeks ago, during the last New Moon in Libra. Or not--it could be much older and has a thicker layer of dust on it. Always, when the moOn is contemplating pupation (New Moon), there is a visceral feeling of the necessity of completion & letting go. It can be a dark time. One where we are confronted with death in subtle ways. It’s a time of renunciation. To renounce is to announce to the world your freedom of attachment. “I am free. These addictions (Scorpio) aint got nothing on me....” Work with the magic of the Scorpio moON. Wave your hands and sing your prayers.

** Tuesday: the Eclipse

** (Solar Eclipse in Scorpio)

** 13th

( ... _jones.jpg)
art by Android Jones

...::: tangential thoughts :::....

Plants hold the light. Information lives in light. This information comes from the heart of a Star--a star called the Sun. Our Sun holds information from its Creator (most likely the Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy; the Galactic Center; Hunab Ku) Imagine what types of information is encoded within these primordial ancient galactic wave forms is mind bending. And light isn’t just information, it’s also energy. Plants hold the energy--plus the information. Animals like to eat plants. We like eating both.... Meaning: We are eating light. Light which holds galactic information and energies for our sustenance. Whether it be for food or healing, the plants are the key. Plants and Planets--holes to heavens; infinite realms of light to explore.

When the Moon aligns perfectly between Sun and Earth we experience Solar Eclipses. Divinely infused New Moons meant to catapult us onto the right path. It is up to us to be good tricksters in this opportune space. Nobody is going to do this work for you. It is up to you. Be quick, be stealthy, and have an idea of what you are looking for. Without the light of the Sun, we are “eclipsed” and free to roam in the Shadow of our being for a short time, rewriting aspects of our story we have been hungry to edit

What is the Shadow?

~The Shadow in Jungian psychology is the unconscious dumping ground for undesirable characteristics of personality~

And so, during Eclipses we get to choose what gets released or incinerated in our unconscious dumping grounds. Only with intent will you experience the stellar magic of these Dragon holes. Intention and courage will bring you to the moments where you become weightless, carried by Love and nothing else....

..:: You don’t need to see the Eclipse to experience them. Though it is nice :::...

Where? This Solar Eclipse can be viewed throughout Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and some of South America.

When? 2:09 PST

! Wear goggles !

** Sabian Symbol: 21 plus Scorpio

Hunter’s shooting wild ducks

...I feel this Eclipse relates to the responsibility of Power. We all have power. Some of us are unaware of where it lies; Others lie and lie to keep it alive. Hunters shooting ducks reminds me of the old “Duck Hunt” nintendo game--a child preparation for the sport of game and unfair advantage over nature. It also reminds me of Spiritual teachers who abuse their power to get what they want: like sex and money. Blasphemous yet effective, this Eclipse will set us all straight--whether its for a second or a few, to where our Soul is truely needing to be.

Mercurial specifics:

To build on the nature of this Eclipse, we look to the rest of the Astrology happening.

* Mercury makes a square to confusing Neptune throughout the day before he/or it retrofits back into Scorpio in retrograde fashion. Translation?: It’s like that confusing space in the middle of an entheogenic experience where you are disoriented and time and space tend to feel like the same thing (the square to Neptune), followed by the potent clarity of post-catharsis (Mercury into Scorpio, retrograde). Have confidence as you walk--or float--through the Valley of Death, and don't lose the location of your eternal Self. Your true essence; your Soul forever.

* It is also a Super Moon. Meaning, the Moon is closet to the Earth--or Perigee--thus increasing the Lunar pull on the tides, the emotional rides, and where the plates of the Earth reside.

{the Moon drives the sea insane}

* Mars--the traditional ruler of Scorpio (this Eclipse0--is aligned with the Galactic Center, transmitting live with the ghost of Arjuna. Just what is the right thing? How do I choose? Things must die. I must die. This is life. It never lies.

( ... clipse.jpg)

** Wednesday: Moon moves into Sag during Spirit hours

** 14th

( ... ces-yo.jpg)

If you wake in the middle of the night to greet the Spirit hours, it is because...::: the moOn has moved into questing Sagittarius, influenced by the hurricane winds of Neptune turned direct with Chiron doing the same in the eye of this celestial storm. The way this may feel in the human realm will be an existential one, fueled by perplexing emotions and seductive visions. Try to find your way to Chiron. The limping Centaur waits in the eye of this changing storm with a cup of the ol’ Kykeon. Find him, drink up your visions, and have a deep palaver. He’s gonna teach you about how your thoughts and emotions are cut from the same fabric of cosmic denim. May you create the greatest mosaic of Inner Sky art your silence has ever seen. This is what Saturn and Ceres are waiting for. They are the two Planets waiting patiently for Neptune to move forward with it’s dream and to form the Water Trine of Creation (Neptune in Pisces, Ceres in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio). Triforce

...Grand Trines are created when 3 or more planets all trine (120 degrees) each other. They all flow together bringing about great opportunity and talent. But don’t dare fall into lazy patterns. It is just as likely of a possibility.

** Thursday: Moon in Sag

** 15th

( ... bamboo.jpg)

In 5 Element Chinese Medicine, the Wood Element relates to both Vision and Planning. The Vision comes from our LIver, the Planning our Gall. If either of these organs are out of balance due to harmful foods, emotions, or thoughts, our Vision and Planning will be off. OIly foods, alcohol, ganja, pills are some foods that give us the illusion of Vision, but just leave us empty handed once we come down. They are impermanent. Frustration and Anger are the afflicted emotions. They come when our Vision is tested. When we are not flexible like bamboo. To be constantly caught in this visionary space is to be caught in the future, and these are where all our thoughts can be found in the affliction. Never present.. I bring all this up, because planetarily, it relates to both Saturn and Uranus. And these two Archetypes are in a quincunx challenge today, asking for serious adjustment around the flow of our Vision(Uranus) and Planning (Saturn). It’s finally time to do the
work. You know this, we know this, so do it. Adjust.

** Friday: moOn moves into Capricorn early hours

** 16th

( ... e10_02.jpg)
art by Mukesh Singh

The waxing Moon moves into Capricorn today, triggering once again the ground rumbling Pluto/Uranus square. This brings out the conflict of fear vs liberation. Luckily, Mars moves into his exalted sign Capricorn, bringing up the amperage a few essential notches, giving us the power to face any dragon eye to eye. Get intimate with the Pluto/Uranus square. Find out where it is happening in your chart. Understand what it is trying to do for you. Then change with it. Move deeper into it. Emerge triumphant brave Warrior.

** Saturday: Moon in Capricorn

** 17th

( ... 00x234.jpg)
art by Mukesh Singh

As a part of our Mind (Mercury) remains invisible in the sky (conjunct the Sun), the feeling coming forth is about deep curiosity--a willingness to learn. Mars is also geting uploaded with divinely inspired information via a building sex-tile. it’s like Krisha talking to Arjuna::::

"Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life. Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving, and full of the desire to serve...Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all. Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny."



** Sunday: moOn into Aquarius at Dawn

** 18th

( ... mab-ku.jpg)

Confidently moving forward in this Eclipse lunation, the moOn moves into future oriented Aquarius as the 1st quarter moOn comes into view. There is a paradoxical feeling pulling strings in us today. With the Moon sextile to its current ruler--Uranus--there is an electric urge to rebel and be unpredictable. It leads down a road of question marks. Yet, woven within this spiky energy, is the square to Saturn the Moon also makes which feels like a deep and responsible need for patience and earned order in your life. How to weave the two together? How to become a responsible radical? A rebellious goodie goodie. A controlled lunatic! we deepen into this lunar cycle, we must remember it’s in perfect timing for the Winter Solstice. Whatever is meant to happen on that day, this is definitely the ideal moOnth of intense preparation.

...::: If you would like to take a deeper look into the implications of this Eclipse for you, you can contact me at KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM (mailto:KOSMOGNOSIS@GMAIL.COM) ::::.....




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