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So what are the stars telling us this week? Stay tuned..


"Poets have told it before, poets are telling it now, other poets shall tell this history on earth in the future."

(The Book of the Beginning)

** Monday: moON moves into Leo early afternoon

** 5th

( ... G_0422.jpg)

Sparked by the moOns ingress into Leo, we jump towards the warmth of the center of all the excitement we see around us, only to be yanked back by an unseen chain around our neck. This limiting chain relates to the Moons square to Saturn. It wants us to take a deeper look into our impulsive lightheartedness. To more deeply understand our frivolousness. And as we pace circles around our “cage” today, the Moon also makes two smooth trines to Uranus & Mercury--the two Archetypes of Mind. Hopefully, through this, we upload a refined technique of cognitive process that allows us to see how to deal with our impatience, our excitement, and our actions in the world in a more evolved manner.

** Tuesday: Moon in Leo

** 6th

( ... G_0424.jpg)

Mercury goes retrograde today!!! So you know what this means: technological snafu’s, communication breakdowns, and confusing thought processes.....But it doesn't stop there--it’s not the true essence of the transit. When Mercury goes retrograde, the true essence of the experience is to turn the mind inwards, to better understand where we are off in our thinking. Depending on where the cycle is happening in your chart (4 degrees of Sag to mid 18 Scorpio), is where the rethinking is taking place. Patience is everything. If you are one of the lucky ones to experience a “true” Mercury retrograde experience, don’t punch the wall--or yourself--just take a breathe, and try to better understand the underlying lesson the Trickster is trying to teach you. The moOn also makes its Last Quarter square with the Sun today, bringing us into a similar state of internal recognition, asking us to release attachments to particular patterns or objects keeping us separated from our Libra new
MOon intention 3 weeks ago. You got it Pilgrim! Rewrite your past with love.

** Wednesday: MoOn into Virgo mid evening

** 7th

( ... Singh2.png)

As we get accustomed to our current Mercury retro flow, the moOn harmonizes (trine) with Mars early in the morning, giving us an adrenal boost to the beginning of the day. Our Warrior is inspired and his Will is fully activated. The Manipura (our 3rd chakras) our spinning correctly, powerfully, and activated in a profound way. We are Gods. And just as the moOn moves into Virgo, she also opposes Neptune, humbling us to the grandiosity of Universe, inspiring us to align effortlessly to it and Trust. As our Warrior (Mars) steps to the edge of the world, he has a prayer--an intentional message in his hands--that he casts into the Ocean. He groks that Indra will receive it in his net and offer it back, fused with Divine decor, in perfect timing, so we can experience the elation of knowing that “someone or something” is listening. Craft your prayer carefully. It will come back to you. And you will be surprised. So be careful what you wish for.

** Thursday: Moon in Virgo

** 8th

( ... G_0428.jpg)

There is such a thing as “too much fun.” But fun is relative. With Venus slipping into alignment with Jupiter today (trine), our pleasure meter could be off the charts. Venus is everything beautiful, Jupiter is the enhancement to all he touches. It may be hard to feel satiated today. So, as you eat and drink and become merry (if thats your flow) realize: limitations have their ecstatic moments too (Saturn). Whatever it is you find yourself indulging in, just make sure you have your calculating awareness also active. Beneath all the good times, there are also demons feeding recklessly on these passions. See the demons, name them, know what they want, and feed them in healthy ways. Make a green drink for your dragon, light a candle, and have a soft and romantic night teasing both them and your eternal Venusian lover.

** Friday: Moon in Virgo

** 9th

( ... G_0434.jpg)

In the sluggish aftermath of the rainbow light desire of yesterdays Venus/Jupiter exchange, we may feel the sogginess of what we have been trying to build throughout this entire lunation cycle. Dry it off. Take a cold shower. Go to the nearest waters edge and remember your place. As the “sacred” David Dieda says, “Every moment waited is a moment wasted....” This--in my opinion--is false when relating to what we are dealing with here. You should wait. Don’t let your critical tongue attack you or be aimed at anyone else. It is not time for process, it is time for silence and deliciousness refinement. The regret or frustration you may feel right now (Mars square moON) is transitory. Allow the fire to rise, then fall. It is Mercury retrograde after all.

** Saturday: mOon in LIbra early afternoon

** 10th

( ... G_0429.jpg)

As the moOn disappears from sight in the night sky, so does our clarity of mind. The Moon moves into Libra today, thus activating the infamous Pluto/Uranus square. Also, this lunation cycle is a LIbra one--remember? The New moon nearly a Month ago was in Libra. We are after balance and harmony here. Today, we may feel far from this mark. Unpredictable emotions (Uranus opposing Moon), hungry ghost desires looming (square Pluto), and the unconscious projection of our internal struggle could be stupidly placed on another. Don’t let this happen. You are reading this for a reason. Allow my words to sink into you like water on parched desert earth. Surrender to the divine perfection of all of this. You are not the Emotion. You are just a hollow vessel allowing it to travel through. Smile at it, slap it on the ass, and ask it to move right along.

** Sunday: Moon in LIbra

** 11th

( ... G_0432.jpg)

Neptune went Direct last night. What this means is that the fog is being lifted. We are so close to the second Total Solar Eclipse of the year; we are so close to the Ascension date; we are almost there. And now that the rose colored glasses have shattered beneath of our confident feet, it is likely our message in a bottle from Wednesday is coming true. Things are speeding up after all. We are evolving swifter than a cheetah on adderall. Surrender to this speedy dream. Realize that you are living a dream--a dream within a dream. Anything is possible and everything is working out perfectly. Grace the world with this energy and expect nothing back.

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PostSun Nov 04, 2012 9:03 pm » by Evildweeb


...though I am not a scorpio, here's a sample of Scorpio's HORRORSCOPE:

Scorpio (the scorpion)

October 23-- November 21

1) You have a good business mind.

2) You are a kind person.

3) You've got the brain of a surgeon, and he was glad to get rid of it.

4) You're such a good friend, that you only stab them from the front.

5) When people give you a going away present, you have to promise to leave.

6) You're like a corkscrew. Twisted, cold, and sharp.

7) When you're in bad company, you're alone.

8) When Jupiter aligns with Uranus, someone will anal rape you.

9) Your good business mind will make you a great crack dealer.

10) Yes you are a kind person, the kind who picks his friends-- to pieces.

11) The time when you stopped to think about something, you never started again.

12) Most Scorpio's are murderers.

13) You're proof that God doesn't exist, otherwise he would have killed you by now.

Best career moves: drug dealer, hit man, panty hose inspector





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PostSun Nov 04, 2012 9:10 pm » by Seriouscitizen

LOL @ evildweeb, Im Aries with my ascedant and moon both in scorpio; so that makes me a violent, ambitious, childish, passionate, mysterious, murderer :alien51:

What are you?

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