Advice: Night vision optics for capturing UFOs at night.

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PostThu Apr 05, 2012 8:27 pm » by Snowyjoey

Hey guys, anyone out there use night vision optics to capture UFO footage? I've become very interested in the technology and have decided to purchase my own pair of military grade night vision goggles specifically for this purpose. I live in Oregon and there are a ton of UFO / Bigfoot sightings up here so I'm a great spot to get a lot of good use out of them. I'm also an amateur filmmaker so this is right up my alley. Any night vision hobbyists out there with any recommendations on a good setup?

I've decided I need a camera adaptable unit (I own a Canon 5D Mark II), I'd like to have some sort of magnification and I would prefer to have either a 3rd or 4th gen pair. The unit that fits the bill is the ATN Night Shadow 4:

I'm open to other makes / models if anyone here knows anything about them. Any advice would seriously be appreciated. Also, whatever relevant footage I capture I'll be sure and post here (duh). Thanks again :D

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PostThu Apr 05, 2012 9:28 pm » by Noentry

I dont know much about cameras, others on here will.
Just wanted to say :hiho:

And I am looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts
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