Afghans slam US for backing Taliban

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Afghans have a date now for their next Presidential election. It is April 5th of 2014. And voter registration for it has already started. It is moving very smoothly so far.

This comes as insecurity still remains a big challenge for the electoral people here. But not for the political figures.

It is much more the interference of the US that has made them worried. Belqis Roshan is one of them. She is a member of parliament here.

But the US has a bigger plan in mind. President Karzai has told this to these tribal elders in his place. He said the Americans opened a political office for the Taliban in Qatar to create ethnic tensions and disintegrate Afghanistan.

This has been, however, rejected by the US ambassador in Kabul.

With the Afghan presidential election ten months away, the US political support for the Taliban is one of the hot debates here. Many want to know why the US and its allies invaded this country if they are backing Taliban's rise to power now.

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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 11:01 pm » by Doogle

Laughable isn't it.
They really are taking the piss.

Shit, got to go, big brother is on.

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